Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hey Sid...this is Nancy calling.

I used to think I adored jocks. In high school, I used to pine over the boys in baseball pants, or the tough guys who could handle a slide on the gymnasium floor in basketball shorts. But in all honesty, my main man would have to be an artist of sorts. Preferably, a musician.
Artists are far and few between these days. Well, decent ones to say the least. A musician to me can be anyone, the drummer in the garage metal band or the cello-wielding nerd. What's so fascinating about musicians? Maybe it's because I see something in them that I'll never have -- talent. I can't even read a sheet of music. I love the passion that a musician has when they play their instrument. When playing a song on a guitar he has written himself you can see a burning fire in his eyes. It's enough to drive a girl wild.
Maybe I thrive off of what Hollywood has portrayed musicians to be. I mean, don't they all write songs about us and serenade us into the early morning? Sit around looking grunge-y and throw the guitar case over their back when they leave the house? I'll admit that's what I fantasize my "life" to be. I like to imagine I'll be riding on the tour bus from bars to stadium arenas, being my boyfriend's number one fan. It would be a sweet life. Maybe I am just looking for a guy to live out my rock star dreams for me, since I have yet to be able to play chords on a guitar. Maybe all musicians aren't like that, but I'll find my Kurt Cobain/John Lennon/Yo Yo Ma someday.


Ryan said...
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Ryan said...

Wouldn't it be nice. I am a guitar and bass player; self taught and I play poorly at best. But most of the music I have found myself listening to aspires to be the anti rock star. The beauty of music is that you don't have to be a musician, in the true sense of the word. You just have to be inclined to create something that has some sort of meaning and feeling to it and that people can relate to. Sometimes lyrically smart bands with not much knowledge on music theory are the best bands one can find. The most inspiring thing would be to just pick up an instrument and feel the raw energy of just learning a couple of chords and running with it. For example, with your anti drug style it may be wise to check out minor threat, who say more toward a straight edge life style than anyone else has ever said, while developing major aspects of hardcore punk in the same stroke, or maybe you might want to read the lyrics. But it goes for everyone, and finding something real and not hashed up to make a few dollars goes a long way for me at least. Thats true art for me.


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