Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lady Gaga has someone to thank.

Yes, Lady Gaga has become incredibly successful as being the new girl with the catchy pop tunes and crazy outfits. But during her next acceptance speech, I feel like she has a couple more people to thank.....try Cyndi Lauper and Madonna. Because quite honestly, she's living the life they have already paved for her...and what she's doing really isn't that original or exciting. In all honesty, I feel that she owes much more credit to Cyndi Lauper than Madonna, they have a lot more in common and I feel that Lauper tends to be overlooked.

So if you like Lady Gaga...

Cyndi Lauper, in my opinion, was Queen of the 1980s pop scene. Most people would chooses Madonna over Cyndi because she was much more mainstream, but Cyndi had much more powerful songs and even crazier outfits. These are ten great outfits and songs from Madame Lauper.

"Money Changes Everything"

"Who Let in the Rain"

"She's So Unusual"

"She Bop"

"I Drove All Night"

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

"Time After Time"

"All Through the Night"

"When You Were Mine"

"True Colors"

What are some other great Cyndi songs? Will Lady Gaga and her music stand the test of time?


RAY J said...

I loooooved Cyndi Lauper when I was just a little kid in the 80s!

Geordie said...

haha agreed
my mum is a real 80's freak in her own special way, i grew up with cyndi, and now mum and i cruise round on our little trips listening to her.

Shesdifferent said...

I agree with you. I love lady Gaga, I loved Cyndi Lauper, I adore Madonna.....but Madonna did pave the way for what Gaga is just putting the updated version on..into this decade. I wish Madonna had had Lady Gaga's strong voice....but I'll tell ya, Madonna worked her way up from nothing. Gaga went to school with Paris Hilton and has her rich dad to help her burst on the scene.


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