Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Gym Class or No Pass? P.E. in College


Gym Class or No Pass?
By Jessi Haish
Staff Writer

Pennsylvania’s Lincoln University has mandated that all students that do not “pass” Body Mass Index requirements must enroll in and pass a fitness class in order to graduate. According to an article from USA Today, students are required to take a Body Mass Index test and if after testing a student is considered “obese” they must take the “Fitness for Life” course. Other students not considered obese are allowed to enroll in the course but are not required. Most students at Lincoln see problems with this forced course, but many other classes are already required for graduation, so why aren’t more colleges participating?
In grade school we had to take gym class, and the overall effects were noticeable. Could the “Freshman 15” be prevented if there was a course for students to stay healthy? All students should be required to take a fitness course during their four years in school, if not once but one semester per school year. With America struggling to maintain its waistline, college can be a place to work on healthier habits to carry throughout life.
Regular exercise can benefit students beyond the clothing size. If more colleges required a fitness course, overall student morale would increase. College students create a large group of people that are affected by depression. With a fitness routine in a college student’s schedule, they can improve their self-esteem through regular exercise, and depression can be battled with endorphins, as well as keeping a scheduled routine.
Colleges should look closely at considering a health routine in students’ schedule. The health and psychological benefits for college students are remarkable. And if we as a nation want to become better in our state of mind and size of our pants, why not start with the people that are considered the future of the country?

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