Monday, December 14, 2009

Letters to My Musician Men

I have a musician fetish. I love the fact that there are quality, attractive men out there that can also woo me with music. I've decided to write short letters to some of my favorite musicians to prove my love... see if you can guess the artist by the track names in the letters?

1) Dear Jason,
Take me for a ride on your big green tractor?
Love, Jessi

2) Dear Steven,
You are my one and only. I can be your angel, and we will be livin' on the edge. You've got me cryin' and driving me crazy. Tell me what it takes.
Love, Jessi

3) Dear Nick,
I'll never break your heart. I don't wanna lose you now, as long as you love me.
Love, Jessi

4) Dear Travis,
All the small things have me feeling this. Let's go on a first date.
Love, Jessi

5) Dear Bob,
I'm still the same. Like a rock, the fire inside burns for you.
Love, Jessi

6) Dear Jon,
Lay your hands on me and I'll be there for you.
Love, Jessi

7) Dear Bruce,
I've got a hungry heart; let's go dancing in the dark in my hometown.
Love, Jessi

8) Dear Josh,
I'm sorry I've been a crazy bitch. I'll open my eyes.
Love, Jessi

9) Dear Robin,
Don't be cruel, I can't take it. I want you to want me.
Love, Jessi

10) Dear David,
Let's dance through these golden years. I'll be your rebel rebel.
Love, Jessi

11) Dear Eddie,
Take me home tonight and stop steppin on my heart. I found two tickets to paradise.
Love, Jessi

12) Dear Mick,
You're as cold as ice. Stop with the head games because I want to know what love is.
Love, Jessi

13) Dear George,
I look at you and I get carried away. Do the right thing, cause I'd just as soon go.
Love, Jessi

14) Dear John,
Here is gone. So before it's too late, show me a little sympathy.
Love, Jessi

15) Dear Austin,
You've got the lips of an angel and there's nothing good about goodbye. You'll never find something better than me.
Love, Jessi

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