Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Quick: 4 Oldies to Download Now

"Frankenstein" - Edgar Winter Group

-My version running at four minutes, forty-five seconds, this instrumental tune is without a doubt one of rock's finest. Heavy on synthesizer, Edgar Winter is the first to have strapped the keyboard instrument around his neck, creating stage mobility. This song is a must for all who consider themselves real classic-rock enthusiasts. For more great music from this necessary band, check out the track "Free Ride."

"Express Yourself" - Madonna

-From Madonna's true decade, this 1989 hit is a staple in her career. Upon its release, "Express Yourself" was one of the first highly-promoted female empowerment songs. Easy to dance to, this uplifting pop song is necessary for all females to hear. The tune still creates magic to this day, as season one American idol winner Kelly Clarkson used the song for her initial audition.

"It's Tricky" - Run DMC

-Although they were sued for stealing the riff from "My Sharona," this memorable song comes from the greatest hip hop group. In this song, DMC describes their fame: "and in the city it's a pity cause we just can't hide; tinted windows don't mean nothing; they know who's inside."

"Copperhead Road" - Steve Earle

-If you are one of those self-proclaimed people who likes "all music except country," this is the song for you to hear. This song starts out with a bagpipe solo before breaking into a great story about a Vietnam veteran. The instrumentals are stupendous and unique. I guarantee that you will enjoy this fast-paced, uplifting song, no matter your current stance on country music.

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