Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Facebook Gamers Anonymous

I go to college full-time, I work part-time, and manage to hold down a decent social life. In my free time, I run a cafe and harvest crops on a farm.
Thank you, Facebook.

As if I wasn't spending enough time updating my status or writing poetry on friends' walls, now you've got me cooking chicken pot pie and milking cows. For anyone who hasn't been blessed by "face time," Cafe World and Farmville are two applications (games) you can play on Facebook. It's a website intended for social networking, so the games are kept socially active as well. For instance, you can send food to your friends' diners or fertilize each others' crops. Sound ridiculous? It truly is.

Yet myself, like millions worldwide, are stuck on these applications like glue, and I really don't know why. I have no clue why I find them appealing and others don't. I guess I simply appreciate that my cherry trees have blossomed and my employees are keeping up with cleaning the diner floor.

Now, my life WOULD continue as normal if these games no longer existed. To be frank, I don't even consider them to be enjoyable. I mean, I'm not smiling to myself when I'm planting seeds; seeing my customers leave tips doesn't make an impact on my day. I feel no real pleasure from it, yet it has become a microscopic part of my routine everyday.

I really wonder if I'll ever get over these applications on the already addicting Facebook. I could sit here and ponder some more about why I play these silly games, perhaps even discover the answer, but my strawberries are about to wither.

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