Friday, January 22, 2010

Here's the Thing about Michael Cera...

...He's perfect. For me, at least. But I just can't place my finger on what exactly it is about him that has me loving him so much.

I've seen the majority of his movies, and YES he always plays the same role in incredibly similar plots. And yet that fact that he never changes makes it so much easier to become comfortable with him as an actor/person. Surely he can't go on playing this single role well into his thirties, but he's surely living it up while he can.

It's that smile. That...UNIQUE hair. He's innocent and pretty much vulnerable. Girls can't look at him and feel fearful in the least bit. This is a guy who will always be honest with you, treat you well, and never break your heart. And what girl doesn't want that?

His awkwardness is so sincere. He's not arrogant or pushy. If you break him, as a person, down, you've got all the ingredients for a perfect boyfriend. Now this "Michael Cera" may or may not just be a role he continuously plays, but I'm convinced that this is just the perfect human being he is. And I think we would get along quite fantastically.

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