Friday, January 29, 2010


Hey!! You're probably here because you saw my mention on Melissa's blog ( So welcome! Here's a little bit about me to catch you up to speed:

My name is Jessi, I'm nineteen years old and this is my first time blogging (I started it November 2009.) I'm currently going to community college (saves a TON of stress on my wallet) and planning on transferring and majoring in Journalism (hence why I'm FINALLY learning about the Internet. It's really confusing.)I've loved writing my entire life: I've been filling journals for as long as I could write, talking about boys, drama, or actual things of relevance (but the latter is the stuff I never remember.)

I can't imagine a world without three things: music, writing, and drama. These things are my life. And no, when I say drama on this blog, it never refers to acting classes. life. I'm a slightly dramatic person that always has interesting "things" happening around me: whether they happen to be at my expense or not. But I love it.

As for music, it's always been present in my life. My parents were always playing country music when I was younger, and they eventually turned me on to classic rock, and these are still my two favorite genres of music to this day. I'll listen to anything though. I'll write about anything, too.

I was editor in chief of my high school paper, which really turned me on to the world of Journalism. I mean, when you break it down, it's storytelling. It's informing people about what's going on. Being a writer and the center of drama, I don't find storytelling hard to do.

So...this blog. You'll find a lot here: my drama stories, my rants about my favorite music, and sometimes clippings I've written for my campus newspaper. Why? I like to share. Yes, I'm one of those people that if we've talked for an hour, you probably know my entire life story and I've managed to get half of yours out. It's a beautiful curse.

So thanks for stopping by my blog, and if you've made it this far into this post, congratulations! Ha ha, I promise if you keep reading it will get a lot more exciting. Please feel free to comment; when I get a comment notification it's like Christmas Day up in here. I love feedback. Tell me that Aerosmith (my favorite band ever) is terrible. I don't care. I love knowing that someone has taken the initiative to respond, and that I've worked up some sort of emotion somewhere.

Love you!

P.S. I was working tonight when I thought of blogging ideas...I'm going to start posting a music video everyday of a song that means something special to me. No, it's not going to get all mushy like that. I'll post a video then I'll write what memory I have correlating with that song. I'm rather geekily excited about it. Just wait til you find out what my "almost first slow dance" song was! Among other almosts...

P.P.S. "The girl with kaleidoscope eyes." My campus newspaper is called the Kaleidoscope. I have really large, blue eyes. Really large, and they can be rather animated when I'm feeling dramatic. The title is actually from the song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" - a BEAUTIFUL song. The Elton John version, of COURSE.

Til later.


I Love You More Then... said...

Wow, I couldn't help noticing out similarities. Last week, I was feature in Melissa's wonderful blog. I'm a hug fan of country and classic rock. & I am currently editor in chief of my high school newspaper. I have to say, I read some of your previous writing on this blog. I adore it!

Jessi Haish said...

Thank you!! That's so cool we have so much stuff in common! It's AMAZING stuff to have in common! :)

Jorge Alonso said...

Década 70 - Muita curtição Beatles
e Rollin'Stones...


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