Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm a Journalist with Life Deadlines.

And they say I'm not motivated. That I have no ambition.
I've got my life planned out already, year-by-year until 2020, when I hope most things have fallen into place, and I can easily handle it from there.

I've pinpointed the perfect year to get married (2018), when I should have kids (if ever) and how long it should (approximately) take me to become editor-in-chief of a publication - - all crazy restrictions and boundaries out of the equation. A rough guesstimate, so to speak.

Is this time line crazy? Perhaps. People think it can only fail. That I will fall in love or my desires will shift and the entire course will be thrown.

But what's wrong with planning for myself and having detailed goals and checkpoints? I know for the most part what I'm searching for in life, and if I can't trust myself to make those decisions, who's going to? I surely wouldn't trust anyone else.

While this time line may not be perfect, it is a steady, successful course that I would like to see myself complete in said sequence (if not just off by a few months :)I'm a journalist. I'm simply meeting my deadlines.

So, haters hate. I know what I want, and I may not be able to pencil you in.


lillyannnn said...

share your schedule with us pleasee

lillyannnn said...

i mean time line


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