Saturday, January 30, 2010

Memory Song: Lollipop by Mika

This is my new section where I will be posting a music video that corresponds to an important memory in my life. For instance, today's song is "Lollipop" by Mika. I actually first heard this song my senior year in high school when it played during passing periods in the hallway. I instantly loved the song, and actually tracked down the girl who was in charge of playing the music to figure out what it was. I came home from school, downloaded it, and my sister and I have been in love with it ever since.

One night, my little sister and I went to see the Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Movie, but on the way back, it was not the Jonas Brothers streaming through my speakers. It was Mika. We listened to this song on repeat the entire way home, singing it at the top of our lungs in incredibly high pitched voices. This continued as we walked into the house, and we fell on the kitchen floor and continued to sing it a capella-style. This went on for an incredibly long time, until we had the dogs howling along with us.

This song is so catchy and will most be likely be stuck in your head after watching this video. You may even break out into song like we did. should probably download it.

So here's Mika's "Lollipop!" Enjoy! :) Expect another Memory Song tomorrow!

P.S. This is a really weird video.

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Roosterruler said...

My memory that goes with this song.

I was an au pair in Switzerland for a bit for a Belgian family in the French part. I took care of dear Olean, who was 7 years old. She didn't speak much English at all but she loved (LOVED) Lollypop. She sang it all the time, even though I don't think she understood it. The whole family and I would drive around the Swiss country side singing out Mika. Wow. What a memory.



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