Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Dream House

It takes me about twenty minutes to drive to my school everyday, and I take the back country roads to do so. When I'm driving, usually belting my favorite songs, I always notice the beautiful farmhouses along the way. And lately, I've been thinking about that dream house...the one I've got cooked up in my head...and the one I'm not about to get anytime soon since I'm in my first year of college.
But a girl can dream, right?

My dream house has to be fairly big. Not a mansion or anything, like I used to hope for in M.A.S.H. when I was a little girl. Big, but small enough so it's still cozy. The outside doesn't matter much to me, I'm not picky or silly enough to say I desire a white picket fence. But my must-have? A wrap around porch. With a wooden swing. There's something so romantic about wrap around porches. I don't know what it is. I can picture lounging about on the open porch in the summer heat, and kids making up games. I remember pretending my grandparents' porch was a pirate ship, or where we lived when we played "house." So many great memories can be made on a fantastic porch.

As for the inside? A huge living area. With the softest carpet and big cushy chairs and couches. It will be the most social area in the entire house. Friends can be entertained in the living room, and hundreds of movies would be watched there: one of my favorite things to do. Also, the bottom floor would have loads and loads of hardwood floor...I love to lay on it and just think. I'd take it over carpet any day.

I'd also really like a nice basement where people could spend time as well. And I want a big bathroom. Why? For my fantastic bathtub. You know those old-fashioned bathtubs with the claw feet and you have to climb into them because they are so deep? That would be fantastic. All the most sophisticated ladies in movies have those, not Jacuzzis.

And finally, my bedroom. This can be kept simple, but I'd adore a balcony. It doesn't have to be exquisite, just big enough so I can sit out there on beautiful days and write.

From doesn't really matter. I wouldn't call myself too picky. ;)

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