Monday, January 25, 2010

Sarah Palin: My Journalism Role Model?

The face of outstanding journalism is changing everyday, and lately it's Tina Fey back on SNL's Weekend Update. No wait a second, that's Sarah Palin on Fox News. My mistake. The 2008 vice presidential candidate is going to be a regular commentator with a conservative stance on the Fox station. Not a surprising move, considering she has a large, youthful conservative following.

A wave of dedicated supporters are to be expected and there is speculation that if she intends to run for the presidential bid in the future, she could use her commentator position on Fox as a handy dandy, already available soapbox. Having a regular spot on television will undoubtedly shoot her face into the spotlight and into the hearts of countless Americans.

Apparently, her background as a journalism major makes her star quality for the already notable Fox News, which hosts similar conscientious journalists such as Glenn Beck. According to sources in Alaska, Palin worked part time as a weekend sportscaster in Anchorage, but found a different career due to the low pay. Low pay, of course, being something completely unheard of in the journalism field.

Being a journalism major myself, it's pretty outstanding that someone like Palin can lead a life that goes from reporting about dog sled races, taking a hiatus for some politics, then discussing her opinions on the "Fair & Balanced" news station. I think it's incredibly simple to sit in front of a camera and commentate on what other people are doing - -so why did she even go after that journalism major all those years ago? Seeing Palin as a new face of communications doesn't give me much feeling of hope for the future of journalism, something that's already been facing a rough storm. In fact, it terrifies me as to what other journalists I may be competing with for a career in the future.

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