Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This Girl Can Rap?

Okay, maybe I can't rap. I wouldn't even consider myself to be a huge fan of rap music. I do have some of my exceptions in rap music, my guilty pleasures, so to speak. For instance, I loooooove Jay Z. To me, he is the finest rapper of all time. Besides that, I only have a handful of rap songs here and there that I completely enjoy.

However, there is this ONE song that I'm not afraid - actually I'm PROUD to admit - that I can rap in it's entirety. I own it. My guiltiest guilty pleasure? Salt N Pepa. Before my time? I don't care. The song? "Shoop." Haha, I can wait til you're done laughing. It may be hard to imagine little ol' Jessi busting out this song, but just watch the video for it. When you're done watching it in its perfection, maybe you'll understand why I love this one so much. ;)

P.S. How amazing are those outfits?

What's your guilty pleasure rap song? Where do you rap it? I'm a fan of in the car and the shower. :D


the real mia said...

Oh, those girls. I'm totally lovin' the vintage Salt n Pepa today.

Andi said...

Altough I can't listen to that song, because he is not available in my country, I think he must sound wierd ;-)

But it's cool, it is different and not everybody knows it.

It is before your time?!?!
Who cares when you like it?

I, by my self, have to admit that I really really like Will Smith songs and most of them are also before my time.
Just imagine: "Miami", "Summer Time" or "Prince of Bellair" ;-)

But they are too great too be forgotten.

I like that you listen to songs like that.

PS: I try to find him in youtube...

Regards from Germany



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