Wednesday, February 17, 2010

5 Signs He's Not the Musician For You

Don't get me wrong, here. It's obvious that I appreciate and adore musicians. More often than not, I'm intensely jealous of his or her ability to piece together songs and fiddle with instruments. Musicians are the reason I have joy everyday; without the songs of musicians it would be a quiet and sad world. Yet I have reasons as to why I'd choose not to be a musician or rather, the reasons they can be impossible to date.

1) The Infamous "Rockstar" Attitude
Confidence is sexy. But swaggering around like you think you're the cheese? Not so much. There is a fine line here when it comes to owning that personality and just being plain disgusting. Yes, you may be incredibly gifted in the vocals and/or instrumentals departments, but let's put it this way: You're no Hendrix.

2) Women. Lots and Lots of Women.
You may be the Gene Simmons of women when it comes to your hometown, or even your county (let's hope not.) However, this women thing can never end well. Women have always been attracted to musicians, and I'd hate to have to beat them away from my man with his microphone stand. You know you're imagining the possibilities. This "women" factor of being a "rockstar" can only lead to one thing...

3) Drama.
Musicians, the deep and tortured souls that they are, seem to always have an abundance of helpings on their emotional plate. It's probably what drove them to music in the first place, which is fine and dandy, but...

4) They May Love Their Music More than They Love You.

The music has always been there for him or her, uhm, who are you again? Don't be surprised when a guitar is more important and receives more attention than you.

And finally...

5)You May be Song.
This can be a great thing, or something gone very, VERY wrong. Even if the blatantly honest song never hits Billboard, it may never leave your head, and you know the story behind Carly Simon's "You're So Vain"...

Don't be that guy. Or girl.



RAY J said...

Do you ever watch VH1's RocDocs? They usually air them later at night on reruns, but there was one not too long ago they had about the Women of Sunset Strip.

It had interviews with a lot of the bands that came out there to make it big back in the 80s (like Poison, Motley Crue, and a bunch of other 80s hair bands), and the women that they came across in their lives during those early days who took care of them, helped them out, got sucked into their world, and then once the bands made it big and moved on, the women got left behind. Some of it was really moving!

I'd definitely recommend checking it out - it was really interesting!

Jessi Haish said...

Ooo thanks! That totally sounds like something I'd like!

RAY J said...

Yeah it's called:
VH1 RockDocs: "Do It for the Band: The Women of the Sunset Strip"

The next airing is Friday March 5th at 12am, but that's EST so I would assume it's Thursday the 4th at 11pm... set the DVR/VCR =)

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