Saturday, February 27, 2010

Converse, How I Love Thee

The "re-birth" of Converse hit big time when I was in middle school. I remember girls in my grade having Converse High Tops in all colors of the rainbow, and they always looked so cool in them. Some girls had pastel high tops, guys had plain black. I loved how "rock star" they looked on people's feet- and I wanted a pair of my own. That year I became the proud owner of my first pair of Chuck Taylor high tops - they were black with red and yellow flames - a hot rod for my lucky toes. I adored them, and no one else had these shoes. At least, not any girls anyway! Even though I was definitely inspired to have a pair because everyone else looked good in them, I think that picking out the pair with flames was my first true act of originality. From there, my flair for originality and love for Chuck Taylors blossomed, then exploded.

I acquired many different pairs over the years; I wore the sides out of the flames pair, moved on to high tops with 70s-type flowers, and even at one point owned a brown velvet pair. My collection grew as the hype over the shoes wore down.

In high school, they weren't cool anymore. Guys that were "grungey" types still wore them and they were usually a black high top. I was wearing the exact same shoes as a small group of guys in my grade. It was a little weird, I have to admit.

However, I proudly wore my Chucks all throughout high school. Since my senior year I have settled with my black low tops - classically beautiful of course. They've weathered the years with me, and I love the memories I have with them, and I love how I feel when I'm wearing them. Yes, I'm one of those crazy girl shoe-types. But Chuck Taylors are truly the greatest shoes I have ever met. I'm thinking I'm going to be wearing them for a very long time.

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I Love You More Then... said...

I'd be lost without my chucks. I proudly rock neon green and turquoise.


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