Monday, February 01, 2010

Memory Song: Check Yes or No by George Strait

Thank you CMT: George Strait is forever one of my great loves. I've been hearing his music all my life, and I'll never get over him, despite his age. Besides his fantastic voice, he has that great cowboy smile. He's. So. Cool.

My favorite song of his, without a doubt, is "Check Yes or No." I must have first watched that video when I was about six years old and let me tell ya, it had a fantastic poisonous effect on me.

This is an adorable video, and the plot is wonderful. Seeing this music video and having this song become one of my favorites, I idolized the little girl in the story. She had the greatest relationship ever. "I think this is how love goes..." It was so pure and innocent, and at age six I can picture my wide eyes staring dreamily at the television screen. From then on, I had set quite a high bar for boys everywhere - at least in my mind. And to be frank, it's given me highly unrealistic expectations in guys and love my entire life, in the best way possible. What girl doesn't want what these two third-graders had? Young love that leads to marriage. Soul mates.

If only things could stay this simple as long as we live and love.

"Do you love me?
Do you wanna be my friend? And if you do,
Well then don't be afraid to take me by the hand,
If you want to.
I think this is how love goes..
Check yes or no."

Enjoy the vid :)

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I Love You More Then... said...

It started way back in third grade I used to sit beside Emmie Lou Hayes.
Pink dress matching bow in her pony tail.She kissed me on the school bus and told me not to tell.

I love this song. You have excellent taste in music.


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