Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Memory Song: Wannabe by Spice Girls

In the good old days, my alter ego was Baby Spice.

I was in second grade when the British Revolution struck, and I was obsessed with the Spice Girls just like my four best friends at the time. And how perfect is a group of five friends? We could all pretend to be a Spice Girl at recess, and that's exactly what we did. I was ALWAYS Baby Spice, and I remember fighting to be her. She was always my favorite, and to this day I'm not sure of my reasons. Maybe it was her innocence or long blond hair. Actually, it was probably the fact that she was the exact opposite of myself, so I had a lot of fun pretending to be her.

We would whisper about the Girls in class, and I brought my CDs to school so we could sing the lyrics from the booklet inside. When my birthday came around, my party games were played in the living room until we all ran upstairs to lock the door, grab hairbrushes accordingly, and sing along with the Spice Girls. By that time, we had perfected moves and maybe even a few of the notes. Stories involving the Spice Girls, NSync, Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys are some of the fondest memories of my childhood to this day. Although my friends have changed and my taste in music has slightly improved, I still love these recollections and I still remember every single lyric to every single Spice Girls song. (Well, all the songs they put out before Ginger Spice left the band. I remember being CRUSHED - - and having no idea why on EARTH she would do that to her sisters in the band, or to us, the fans. I still to this day hold a small resentment towards Geri.)

Nevertheless, the Spice Girls made an impact on my life. They were pretty great role models, and even if they weren't, they were impossible to avoid. I had the CDs, stationary, t-shirts, DOLLS (remember the Barbies?) documentary, and their movie. Remember SPICE WORLD? I adored that movie and watched it frequently. Today, I really wish I would have kept all that memorabilia. Fortunately, I do know for a fact that my dolls are packed securely away for my children.

So my memory video for today is "Wannabe." Quite obviously their biggest hit, it also delivers a great message. But truly, all of their songs were inspirational to us young girls. They had us chanting "Girl Power!" and taught us to believe in ourselves and that we don't need a man to be happy and successful (Take THAT, Miley Cyrus.) But if you're going to give a guy a chance, they gave advice on that too...

"If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends,
Make it last forever, friendship never ends,
If you wanna be my lover, you have got to give,
Taking is too easy, but that's the way it is."

I miss you guys.

Spice Girls - Wannabe
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RAY J said...


I remember we met up with my cousins and grandparents one year in Myrtle Beach... I think it must have been like 7th or 8th grade and this song was on the radio and my cousin and I were sitting in the backseat of the car singing along, lol...

prtty n pnk :) said...

This is one of my absolute favorite songs. I too was ALWAYS baby spice :) && just my senior year my best friend & i blasted this song every day at least 10 times. we had every word remembered from when we were young, && we even came up with moves to it!


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