Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Runnin' Down a Dream

There's been so many scientific advancements over the years...but not the one I've been waiting for. In middle school, I concocted an unrealistic invention in my head, and to this day I'd still love to see it work. As if it's even possible.

I desire a dream recorder. I have no idea how it would work, but I would love to have my brain recorded - like a television show - as I sleep. I've had so many dreams in my lifetime, and most vanish from my memory by the time I wake. Imagine if dreams were recorded onto a could replay them at your convenience. Reliving the stories and analyzing them could become a new hobby or evenn a career! Maybe we could understand humans better if we were able to play out and interpret our dreams.

Imagine all the new stories we would have, and what we could do with them. By being able to review our deep dreams, we could play around with all those fresh, unique ideas and storylines. We would have new stories, new books, new movies...imagine how we wouldn't need to rely on remaking old movies or turning books into movies for creativity! We would have a Youtube site for everyone's dreams to be compared, commented, and enjoyed. It would really be an interesting experience.

I know I never remember my dreams, and I think it would be exciting to see what goes on in my head while I am resting.

Is it crazy that our minds actually might never rest though? I know that my mind is always running on overload no matter what it's actually doing: thinking, stressing,'s always on serious mode. And to think that my brain runs wild and uninhibited in the night? That's something I'd like to see, perhaps more than once.


Linz said...

i am right there with you. i do remember some my dreams, and the vivid creativity and imagination that goes on when i saddens me that, even when i do remember, the stark edges of it start to fade immediately. a dream recorder would be a writer's ultimate tool!

RAY J said...

oooh I love the song you used in your blog title =)

CFM said...

that is actually an awesome idea, I would love to see my (Melissa) dreams come to life.


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