Monday, February 08, 2010


You could label me as anti-techno. As a girl raised on country and classic rock, I listen to any form of techno music and I don’t feel any personal satisfaction from it. When I hear music, I always desire some sort of feeling or thought to take away from it. I hear repetitive noise in techno, and this doesn’t interest me in the slightest.

Now before, I had wrongfully accused techno of not even being music, but after researching for this article, I’ve found that unfortunately, it fits the definition. So while it may be an ever-popular form of music, I still will never appreciate it as an art form. For this reason, I can tell you my personal reasons as to why I could go the rest of my life without ever enjoying a techno song.

As said before, I find it to be repetitive in its making of sounds. A nice beat is wonderful in any song, but if we’re two minutes in and I’m still hearing the same arrangement created by the same piece of technology, I’m bound to be bored. I’m the kind of girl who adores the clashing beauty of fiddles and steel guitars but I also dearly appreciate the massive heartache expressed in a heavy power ballad. So the same beat repeated with the occasional mash-up of noise and maybe lyrics doesn’t hit my heart like a well-planned, heart-wrenching story would.

I never plan to rave in a club on psychedelic drugs. Yes, techno is for dancing and evoking happy feelings, but history has also shown us that drugs usually tap into this effect of techno. So maybe that’s why I don’t understand the hype. I understand that it’s easier to get your groove on in a club to an intoxicating, repetitive beat. But pounding through my headphones or oozing out of my car speakers? Not so much. I personally don’t need mind-altering drugs to get me to enjoy the music I already listen to. I don’t need it to enhance the experience either.

So you don’t participate in the influence and you enjoy a repetitive beat. Alright. What about the lyrics? I understand that some techno genres contain more lyrics than others. But I’m a words girl. I’m a writer. If you asked me about music and if I’d rather take the sound or the lyrics that go with it, I’d take the lyrics any day. I have yet to find that techno song that has the lyrics to break me to pieces. I will happily admit that I have cried over country and rock songs. Believe it or not, I consider this to be a great thing. I want my music, that I spend countless time poring over, to move me. I want it to bring emotion to my heart and an expression on my face, be it a scowl, smile, or tear.

When I hear techno tunes, I wince even more than I laugh. Surprisingly. Like I said, I guess I’ll never necessitate the setting for techno music. I prefer my music to be raw, preferably include a guitar and tell a good story. Techno has yet to deliver that all-around enjoyable experience to me. Have a song that you think will change my opinion on that? Try me. But till then, I’m not budging. I guess I’ll take my fiddle-destroyin’, guitar-shreddin’, vocal-tearin’ music any day. I’ll leave the beeps and the boops whoever wants them in their music.


teresa sanchez said...

i guess techno or any other style such as dubstep (i prefer it to be filthy), hardstyle, trance, etc is to see what the music evokes from you. i've been listening to techno for most of my life because of my older brother. i appreciate it for the technical qualities and skill it takes to make good beats. not everyone can make something that sounds good. each song, for me at least, evokes a different emotion. i have happy songs, mad songs, sex songs, etc.

maybe making your own story for a song is the point? understanding that the dj made a specific song with the same feelings with which you write your stories with. a beat is inside him and he can't sleep or rest until he has made it, or at least started to make it. a message isn't necessarily meant to be conveyed with words...

Tommilian W. said...

@teresa sanchez: i totally agree with you. a message tranfered through techno- or electronical music does not have to be synthetic, it can be as authentic as poetry or/and even better.

@Jessi: what do you exactly consider being Techno music?


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