Monday, February 22, 2010

Tiger Who? Oh yeah, the golfer...

Alright. Here goes something.
I've been struggling with writer's block for a while now, and it was suggested to do a piece on Tiger Woods' apology. The first thought in my mind: what apology? I knew he had done something terribly wrong, he was all over the PLANET, but I had little idea as to what happened and what he was apologizing for. I would say I don't follow celebrity gossip, but Tiger Woods was never a celebrity to me until all this mess went up in smoke. He's a golfer, and I know little about him.

So I did my research. Turns out that he had affairs with approximately fourteen women while being married to his wife. Wow. That's impressive and terrible at the same time. And my interest in it dies there. I really have no idea how so many people were sold on this story.

Anyway. The apology. I went online and searched "Tiger Woods apology" and I was astonished to find the host I would be watching it on was CNN Video. Wait...CNN ran this? I felt my heart sink when I realized that a golfer with many women was being pushed to headline news all over the country.

I managed to last three minutes into the fourteen minute video. I was first frustrated when he said "every one of you has good reason to be critical of me." Wait, who? The reporters in the room? His fourteen mistresses? His children? His wife? Wait...he was talking about his fans. There's something wrong here. Why is he apologizing to his fans?

"I have let down my fans." He said that. A pro-golfer said that in response to him having a huge drawn out affair with multiple women. I'm sorry; I'm not making the connection here between the game of golf and his extracurricular activities. That's because there's no connection. I'm no fan of sports, but if my favorite actor or musician or just plain ol' celebrity had an affair, I wouldn't be on the edge of my seat with my panties in a bunch waiting for them to apologize to ME.

He says he's deeply sorry. Awesome. Let's give the fool some time to work things out at home before we go around demanding apologies and analyzing his every move on news stations. I quite frankly don't care; I'm sure his wife is proud he apologized to all you golf-club wielding fans. Back off. The world will continue to spin no matter how many women the guy bags. Sorry.

Just since when is this of any importance? I mean I understand if it makes money to broadcast this, it makes money. Kudos to you "journalists." What I'm really concerned about are all these people clinging on to this story like it's your afternoon soap opera. Get a life! How does this concern you? To be completely honest, I don't want to know anything about this, which is why I stopped watching the video. I don't care if he was with hundreds of women; my day-to-day routine will NOT be affected. Plus, I wouldn't allow it to be. This is utterly ridiculous. The world will continue to turn until you people find something else to take interest in. Thank you for buying our dying magazine industry.


RAY J said...

Yeah I remember a lot of people on facebook complaining about him back in Nov/Dec whenever it first came out - a lot of them were all "why is this news?" and were frustrated that ALL of the news channels were pretty much only talking about this.

Yeah, it's kind of shocking that someone as high profile as him to have THAT many affairs, but still... the only people he should be apologizing to are his wife, their kids (if there's any) and their families for letting them all down.

Linz said...

i agree with you re: people are too obsessed with celebrities and following their daily lives like it's actually news. i really DON'T think the fans or the public should be relevant with regards to tiger woods' personal life.

at the same time, i think part of the apology is geared towards those who looked up to him as a role model. unfortunately, when you become a celebrity, especially one with a clean-cut image, you oftentimes become a role model for many without really volunteering for it... and tiger woods was a role model for many children. sure, his personal life is none of anyone's business but his own and his family's... but part of becoming a celebrity is that your image becomes a business for you - and part of it becomes public property. i mean, you actually have laws protecting your name and identity AS A CELEBRITY because that's part of your business. your famous image is part of your business. and the way things are today, every big-name corporation has some social responsibility - they might not WANT it, but it's demanded of them by society. so when you mess up, when you tarnish your business (i.e. your image), and when you disappoint the many who look up to you... one of the tenets of damage control is apologizing.

the hoopla is ridiculous, but that's where our society is now...and where it's always been.


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