Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day: The Aftermath

I woke up yesterday in an alright mood. I realized it was Valentine's Day and I was as single as ever. Actually, it would be the nineteenth time I celebrated Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D.) This holiday doesn't really sink in anymore. But this holiday I had to work, and it wasn't any behind the scenes duty I'd be partaking in this Sunday. Instead, I found myself on the front lines of the local movie theater (not the prettiest place to be on such a commercialized and mushy holiday.)

When I found out I'd have a shift on Valentine's Day I thought Great! Extra hours! I am a broke college student, after all. Then the movies "Dear John" and "Valentine's Day" were released...As much as I wanted to watch them I almost feared the day of love. I spent it serving the concession needs of couples - - young and old, tall and short, punky or formal, angry and...happy? Some of them were happy. Standing in line with tickets labeled Valentine's Day (for the movie of course but it felt like they'd purchased access to the day) there was a wave of emotions. There were older, bickering couples in attendance that couldn't even agree on what to order. These were the same couples that usually complained about the long lines.

There were young couples- high school and college aged- that also encountered me with awkward transactions. One couple told me it was their first date! Young men were struggling to make the right decisions while women stood tapping their foot? Don't get me wrong, the roles were reversed more often than not. The awkward fumbling of what sort of soda to order made me uneasily shuffle my feet as I awaited a decision. Little singleton Jessi working to serve massive amounts of sometimes unhappy couples? Sort of a weird situation.

It made me wonder, why do couples feel the need to put on a show and go out just because it's Valentine's Day?

We rarely do these things on any other day of the year - why now? I'm a simple person; I'd be content with dinner and movies at home, but sometimes I feel like there is a need that once you find something like "love" you need to show it off and parade it around. Did you want to spend that extra money on chocolates and dinner reservations? Maybe, maybe not. Hopefully you're still loved either way. But when did society start pressuring us into thinking that love isn't good enough. When did we start requiring material items to show we care? And finally, when did the looming date of February 14 wearily serve as a reminder to tell those around us that we love them? Don't assume I'm a bitter singleton either, I firmly believe that Valentine's Day is to show your love for family and friends, not just your significant other.

My Valentine's Day? I spent it working. I'll take all the hours I can get. I had a nice time with my coworkers. Then I came home, ate some pink cake and worked on my biology homework. Overall, I'd call it a very productive day. <3 Maybe next year I'll find a special someone (though I have ridiculous standards) and I'll try to avoid this awkward, mushy scenario. I love to see others engaged in it, however I fear and loathe it myself. Like they say on Singles Awareness Day, "There's always next year..." to be as productive as I was yesterday!


RAY J said...

We go out for dinner and a movie several times a month - Friday is "date night" for us - started as a tradition when I was at the theater, since I'd get home between 1030/11pm on Fridays, quickly change out of work clothes, we'd go to Taco Bell or somewhere quick to eat, and then be back at the theater for a midnight movie since it was free, always buying a large cherry pepsi and nachos with extra cheese on the side =)

We continued it once we moved up here, taking full advantage of Kerasote's $5 Buck Club (movies that have been out for at least 2 weeks, but sometimes longer if it's a popular movie or the holidays, get reduced to $5 if you have a $5 Buck Club card).

If there's nothing on the $5 Buck Club that week that we want to see, we'll often just do dinner somewhere and run errands, or we'll get a $5 large pizza and crazy bread from Little Caesar's and watch our Netflix at home =)

Jessi Haish said...

That's so cute! That's the kind of thing I'd love. It could never ever get old. :)


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