Saturday, March 06, 2010

Journal to Blog #1: Hey Player, Player, Player..

I've been thinking about posting entries from my journal for a while now; it would be like an extended version of my Scribble Quotes. These could be entries from yesterday or three years ago, and to keep a little mystery, I'm not going to tell you. :) So, here goes something. "Names" have been changed to protect the innocent - - or guilty.

"'Silly boy'." I want to smack you in the face. As much as I don't believe BS like this, we are made for eachother. Why? Our differences make us complete. I know you'd die laughing if I ever told you that, but you would soon realize it's true. You're a player and I'm a girl who's lost when it comes to love. You give me advice all the time and know exactly what I do you NOT realize that you're describing yourself?! I could show you how to cool it down and you could show me how to be secure in love. How to trust. Because I trust you, and I've fallen hard for you. You think I've moved on, because I've told you so and that's fine, but I've actually grown fonder of you...ha ha. So how the hell do I get out of this friend rut and have you holding my hand?!"

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