Friday, March 05, 2010

Just a Little Mindless Fun

I borrowed this from Courtney; I thought it would be nice to do something that doesn't require much thinking after a long week. Have a beautiful weekend!

Current Books: "The Feminine Mystique"
"Flyboys" (for my American History Class)
"Chasing Harry Winston"
Current Playlist: Lots and lots of old school Reba McEntire lately.
Current Guilty Pleasure: The Junction Diner.
Current Color: Purple. Always.
Current Drink: Water, water, water!
Current Food: I just had an immense amount of Twizzlers. Strawberry.
Current Favorite Show: Waiting for Glee!
Current Wishlist: To pass Biology 103. That's all I ask.
Current Needs: To blog more. Study more. Just get stuff done in general.
Current Triumphs: Surviving this long, long week.
Current Bane Of My Existence: Chapped hands from winter. They burn and are sensitive to the touch. :/
Current Celebrity Crush: John Cusack for the rest of my life. "Hot Tub Time Machine", anyone?
Current Indulgence: Girl Scout Thin Mints.
Current Blessing: Spring break has begun.
Current Slang: it's legit.
Current Outfit: Orchestra hoodie (borrowed) and leggings.
Current Excitement: Seeing a very nice boy tomorrow.
Current Mood: Bored. Exhausted.
Current Link: My lovely newspaper adviser's blog. This lady is truly my inspiration.

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