Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lip Appreciation Day

Word around the world is that today is Lip Appreciation Day. Uhh what? Alright, I can work with this.

Lips are pretty spectacular. I've got a pair, and they're pretty nice. I consider Cherry Chapstick my poison, and this keeps them in good shape. My lips always speak the truth; I've always found it nearly impossible to lie. I have no reason to! I truly have nothing to hide. These lips have helped me find trouble I'm a pretty opinionated (though I can be shy) person and I say how I feel. My lips think, "why beat around the bush?" My lips are pretty straightforward and to the point.

My lips also surround my infamous large, gapped front teeth. It's a hereditary trait of mine and although I've been off and on about being insecure about them, I was pleased to read an article that said men appreciate imperfect teeth. Apparently, robot teeth can be slightly intimidating?

I'm not exactly a girly girl in appearance: you won't find me wearing lipstick or lip gloss; I would smear these too easily and besides, they would dry out my lips.

My lips had their first kiss at seventeen. My lips never saw it coming that night. There was no way they could have predicted the scenario. My lips haven't been the same since.

My lips have truly been there for everything now that I think about it. What have your lips helped you do? And here's to a wonderful Lip Appreciation Day - let's exercise this holiday! :P

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RAY J said...

"I would smear these too easily and besides, they would dry out my lips."

You must have been using some crap brand if that's happened! The stuff I wear and sell doesn't do that.

From my site, regarding our creme lipsticks:
"The long-wearing, stay-true color glides on with a lightweight, creamy texture for maximum color impact that lasts. Plus, it won’t feather or bleed. It’s even enhanced with vitamin E and a vitamin C derivative to help defend against wrinkle-causing free radicals. And it’s enriched with emollients and moisturizers, providing a veil of protection against moisture loss."

And for the Nourishine Lipgloss (which I LOVE):
Formulated with enriching vitamins A and E, Mary Kay® NouriShine® Lip Gloss in Beach Bronze smoothes, soothes and softens lips, helping restore a youthful appearance while antioxidants fight against wrinkle-causing free radicals. The formula is saturated with over 80 percent of moisturizers and conditioners to instantly hydrate lips. Plus, it’s fortified with antioxidants that help protect lips from everyday environmental stress. It feels as great as it shines and looks fabulous when worn alone or layered over Mary Kay® Creme Lipstick.

Again, you must have been using cheap stuff they sell at Walmart if you're finding lipsticks and glosses are drying out your lips!


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