Monday, March 01, 2010

Love: Pick Up Trucks

I have an unexplainable love of pick-up trucks. I don't actually have one, you all remember when I told you about Felix, but I'd love to have one someday. Can you imagine? I'd be driving my old school pick up truck around downtown Chicago while I'm pursuing my journalistic duties. That would be a hoot, and absolutely perfect for me. It would truly be a unique sight. My first kiss was in a pick up truck, and although that's in the past, my attraction to these gentle beasts of the road has never wavered. Maybe I'm just a simple country girl at heart (who really, REALLY can't wait to get to the city!)

P.S. Pick up trucks also remind me of SUMMER! It can't get here soon enough.


I Love You More Then... said...

I drive a car pretty similar to a pick up truck. In fact, I've even been mistaken by a mexican (I'm white as snow & the other driver was an elderly man, but quite a humorous story) & I have to agree with you, pick up trucks just scream summer.

RAY J said...

A friend of mine has a love of pick-up trucks as well! Her first one was the family Dodge Ranger, which was blue, that she drove all throughout high school and part of college, before she got one of her own and passed the blue one onto her brother. Her only complaint was the gas mileage, as she said driving from the tip of Wisconsin to Rockford cost so much!

Dante Mallet said...

Well, there's nothing wrong with pickup trucks. But this is the first time I saw a pickup truck lover. And that just proves that everyone has their own taste. And yes, I also know the feeling of driving your dream vehicle.


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