Monday, March 29, 2010

Real World Community College

Last month I blogged about community college. It was one of the most passionate things I've written to date; I currently attend a community college and receive a lot of flack for it. I had it published in my college's newspaper as an editorial to show my fellow students that we, as students of a junior college, have nothing to be ashamed of. I also revised it to use as an argumentative essay in one of my English courses at the same community college, and was able to bounce around more ideas on the topic because of it.
However, the other day I received a comment on it after it had been up for about a month, and it stopped me in my tracks. As said before, I have been pushed around for my decision to attend community college. It's evidenced by the piece I wrote. I have received harsh reactions to my piece, but this comment was late in timing and just struck me with uneasiness. I normally wouldn't draw attention to this, but to be honest I feel it had to be discussed.

"Sarah" said...

"I have graduated from a community college, I transfered to a 4-year University and graduated, and went on to complete a 2-year graduate program. I can definitevely say that community college was a total waste of time and I learned nothing. Well, maybe thats not true. I graduated community college with a 3.8 GPA and NEVER went to class! That enabled me to get into an excellent real college.
The majority of community college students do not care about education and the professors refelct those attitudes in their teaching vigor.
People go to community college because they screwed up in high school and can't get into a college they want. Smart/Driven students are not looking for a discounted education at a clearance store college.
You seem intelligent so the aforementioned stereotype likely does not apply to you, however, I believe you and in the slim minority. If you really did go to community college for a discounted tuition you were grossly misinformed about community college.
Bright side is a monkey could graduate community college in 2 years, so I'm sure your not too far behind the monkey."

A comparison to a monkey? Oh "Sarah," how silly. I don't even know you, but you manage to bash me on my own blog.

'Bright side is a monkey could graduate community college in 2 years, so I'm sure your not too far behind the monkey.'

That line hit me like a brick to the gut.
Not because it was rude, which it was, but rather...
"your not.."
Your not?
Sarah, honey, that doesn't quite make sense. I think the word you were searching for was "you're."

As a girl who is attending COMMUNITY COLLEGE with a journalism major in hopes to be an editor, this really, truly made me cringe. I adore grammar. Please don't mix up your "you'res (so to speak.) Please. I found other spelling errors as well, but I won't reflect.

I find it frustrating that my decision to attend junior college is currently questioned by those around me. I'm not forcing you to attend. Why does the decision for my life affect you? It truly doesn't. Besides, there have been many important and influential people that have graduated from community colleges. I'd like to tell you about Sara and Melissa, two influential people in my life.

Sara was my high school government teacher with a fiery passion for everything she does. Upon informing her of the hate felt towards my college choice, the community college alum herself said,

"Well I just got caught up on your blogs a minute ago, and I don't give a damn what anyone says- you are talented and you are honing your skill day by day. And as for the whole community college thing, go ahead and send them my way... I got plenty to say on that subject, and I can assure you that it isn't G, PG, PG-13, and would damn near straddle the R to NC-17 line.

I went to community college, it took me longer than 2 years to get through it, I went on to a four year school and graduated in the TOP TEN of my class- not top 10% the TOP TEN as in the number between nine and eleven, and I went on to get a master's with highest honors. However, I would say that this wonderfully bright, yet completely ignorant speller and human being, who had the gall to insult you or anyone else for going to community college, is probably very familiar with a monkey and his/her intelligence, b/c she is clearly the monkey's ass. She clearly gets the "BITE ME" Award of the Day! ♥"

Oh Turner. She surely knows how to pick someone up as well as clearly deliver a fantastic opinion at the same time - - all within the blink of an eye.

Melissa is currently my newspaper adviser at my community college. She has spent this year helping me with my journalism endeavors: helping me fill out resumes, writing articles and showing me how to branch off into social media. She encouraged me to set up this blog and keeps after me to follow through with it. Melissa went to the college I am currently attending and was editor-in-chief of the same paper I will be in charge of this fall. She went to said community college for two years. Is she a failure or less of an educated lady due to this decision? I'd say not, seeing as how she writes for a regular newspaper column, maintains a thriving blog which is nearing 1,900 followers (SO jealous!), blogs for Psychology Today, has been published in Redbook and freelances frequently. That's just the tip of the iceberg! This lady is my role model with her abundance of commitment and passion.

Two women who have proved to be fantastic influences in my life. They attended community colleges and went on to fantastic futures, and they are NOT the only ones. So come on guys, cut us a little slack! And please remember, this is my decision, not yours. Thank you and good night. :D


Taylor McAdams said...

Jessi I agree with all you have said here. Since I go to Carthage, a 4 year college, the only difference I see is the fact that you get your gen-eds done in two years and thats really it, where i can take all four years to get mine done while also taking classes for my major. So what you get done in two years and then four more, i get done in four. It's a time difference, not a subject matter difference. Thats it. Same education, same subjects, just in a different amount of time.

Anonymous said...

Except if you transfer to a 4yr after you get your Gen Eds then you are only there for 2 years, not 4.

Taylor McAdams said...

thats not true. just because you have your Gen Eds done does not mean that you get to get out of your FOUR year college in TWO years. You still have to complete all of your major classes which take four years because you can only take a certain credit load each semester.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually fairly certain that after transferring you just work on your major for two it's still four years, not six. It's the same education and the same amount of time.

Anonymous said...

Obviously they aren't teaching you well at Carthage.

RAY J said...

ACTUALLY... It depends on the major.

Some majors you can complete in 2 years, other require strict 4 year programs with certain classes only being offered certain semesters and you have to take them in order.

For example... the Vis Com program at NIU. If you only take Gen Eds at Kish or Rock Valley, you'll still have to take 4 years of "major" classes, as the first year in the program are all your basic art foundation classes, then the 2nd year is your intro to Vis Com classes followed by a portfolio review at the end of the 2nd year - if you pass review, you have 3 more semesters of Vis Com classes and then a senior project for your final semester.

Now, if you took Art classes at Kish or RVC, you could skip the first year of the program and just go right into the Vis Com classes, however you need to make sure you're taking the right ones that will transfer over.

Other majors, you can finish in 2-3 years after transferring from a CC.

It just all depends on the major as certain major programs have different requirements - some you can complete in 2 years, others require you stick to a strict 4 year program.

lilly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lilly said...

Ok wow.. I think I know who the real monkey is. I am 12 years old and I would not bash on someone on their own blog for their edcuation and then spell something so terribly wrong that a girl with a 7th grade education could catch. I guess that just prooves that if you go to a university "Sarah" you're not getting any better of an edcuation, since you can't even spell you're. And in your first paragraph... just to let you know, thats isn't a word. Look who's laughing now, monkey.

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