Wednesday, April 07, 2010

....Just Friends?

I was posed with a question a few weeks ago: "Can a guy and a girl be JUST friends?" I personally would say yes, even though sometimes someone may fall for the other. However, I went to Facebook to see how my friends felt on the topic...I'd love to hear what you think!
Here's what they had to say...

"no, girls have cooties."

"When it comes to relationships, you always say that you will remain friends after the fact, but it's rare for that to actually happen. You try, but one person moves on, the other doesn't, and everything is downhill from there. From a general point of view, of course guys and girls can be friends. If at some point in time, feelings form, things just get awwWkwarddDddddd."

"i have a lot of friends who are males who i have no desire to date and if they have a desire to date me they do a good job of making it not obvious at all. actually here, i'm called "one of the guys." which can be good and bad at the same time. i don't think i'm taken seriously as a female in the relationship world, but they can trust me with their relationship details they wouldn't tell other girls. idk, it's a little complicated..."

"In When Harry Met Sally, Harry states that no, they can't because sex gets in the way, which the movies proves. I think it can work, but it's tricky."

"I think if either one has any type of feelings for the other or there's been some intimiate relationship between the 2, then no, they can't ever be "just friends" - maybe later down the road but not when those feelings are in play. Otherwise though, why not? I tend to get along better with the guys just because I share more interests with them (same taste in music, movies, etc)."

"Of course! Although i must admit, girls do have cooties."

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