Monday, April 12, 2010

"may i see your resume, please?"

We are currently living in a world where a lot of people turn to the Internet to find a prospective lover. Now, I can't say I've ever maneuvered one of these sites, but I'll assume that you have some sort of profile that explains who/what you "are" (what you claim to be) and what you're looking for. Does this work? I'm not exactly sure, but what if we took that idea of a dating profile one step further? What if, say, you had to bring that printed profile with you to defend on your first date? What if you stretched yourself to "sell" yourself on that first date - - much like a job interview?

You're sitting across the table from a successful, attractive being. You would really like to get to know this person better and find out if there is a spark. So what do you do when they finally nerve up and ask:

"Do you have a copy of your resume?"

Um, what? Oh yes. You've done this before; you did bring just that.

Out comes a small portfolio with the works: your fresh resume, a cover letter, maybe even a head shot. And don't forget that list of references.

"Let's check out this cover letter." Scanning through it together, you watch the others face as he or she reads your intentions. Maybe you're looking for a quick hook-up, or maybe a long-term commitment. Maybe you already have the names of your offspring decided. Whatever your intentions are, they are clearly addressed in your cover letter. Once your intentions are laid out on the table, mind games and confusion are thrown out the window.

After a quick skimming of the cover letter comes a thorough investigation of the resume. This is what is incredibly important. We all know how resumes work in the business world: it is usually a one page portrait of yourself. What you've been doing, your successes, and more. Now this resume would be a little different. Just like in Juno, "we need to know about every score and every sore." This is where the truth would come out. Are you the carrier of any unfriendly mishaps? (This isn't just STD's people, don't forget emotional hang-ups!) Are you a mama's boy, or still Googling your ex-boyfriend? This is what would be found on your resume. This is what the prospective lover needs to know. Don't forget the good things, though! Maybe you've been faithful in every one of your relationships, and you have a cute family that would love to meet this new person. Resumes ARE supposed to show the good side of you, after all. But what's wrong with telling the truth sometimes?

Finally, a list of references. This is where the truth kicks in once again. Unlike most portfolios, it is recommended to state family members as references. Maybe your mom has some great stories to share. Or even your little sister could paint a good portrait of you. Your boss could expand on your fabulous work ethic, and your best friend could illustrate that you know how to have a good time.

Imagine walking away after a first date having everything in the open: pure, 100% honesty. Is this what you find on your dating websites? Maybe not. If you were to actually pull out any of these tricks, you'd probably have your date SPRINTING for the door. However, it is a good idea in theory and imagine how much less complicated the dating world would be.

So what will you have to show when someone wants to see YOUR resume?


RAY J said...

Have you seen the movie The Ugly Truth, with Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler (came out last summer)?

In the movie, she's this uptight morning show producer who knows what she wants, even when it comes to guys. She has a list of qualities that her perfect man must have ranging from personality, interests, goals, looks, profession, etc.

Near the beginning of the movie, she gets set up with this one guy and on the first date she starts going down her check list asking him question after question like it's a job interview - it was pretty funny! Your post reminded me that!

The Style Mansion said...

Hi Jessi,
Thanks for your comment! I love your blog, now following!
I love this concept. It's quite funny, but thought provoking also. After all, if people took more time to know each other, so many heartbreaks and mistakes could be avoided. People could end up being good friends - genuinley - rather than incompatible partners who end up breaking up and detesting each other! How many times have you heard people say "well, they seemed so nice at first..."
I hope you do a Preppy Mafia list too - I'll be looking out for it!"

Melissa Blake said...

Great post, Jessi -- I'll probably write a post like this in the future. We can compare!! :)

Kara said...

This is cute. I like your writing style and ideas.

Jessi Haish said...

Thanks everyone!


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