Monday, May 10, 2010

BFFL = Best Friends For Life

I met my best friend Shelby in the third grade, and we met through the amazing world of Girl Scouts. We were a part of the same troop at the age of nine, and her mom became my Girl Scout leader when their family moved to town. Ever since, we have been the best of friends.

The reason I am writing this is because this year makes TEN years of being best friends with Shelby. We have been through it all together: from the Girl Scout memories of sleepovers, selling cookies and making our school memories of our first dances, boyfriends, and all those classes everything else. Lounging in a pool into the wee hours of the morning telling our life stories, whispering secrets in the dark as we fall asleep on a bedroom floor, or shopping around our small town; we've been through it all together.

We have shared hundreds of stories and secrets, and I know that she understands me better than anyone else. Our friendship is so deep that she has always felt much more like a sister than simply a friend. In middle school choir (we were in it together- the picture is from our retro choir concert) one boy always asked us if we were sisters. We are about as close as it gets, after all.

We have had our ups and downs also. Who hasn't? We've had fights that have temporarily stopped us from talking. We have had plenty of disagreements. But unlike other friendships that may crumble at those times, our friendship has become stronger.

Ten years. Now that we are in college together, I know that we can make it for life.

So Shelby, remember the smiley faces we used to draw? All the notes we used to pass? In elementary school when we called each other "Shelbo" and "Jesso"? All the mix cds? Camping? All the crushes? Recess? Dances? Football games? Pep club, art club, choir, Girl Scouts? Everything else I'm forgetting til you mention it?

I love you Shelby Renee! You are my best friend. Here's to many more years of memories and good times. I have no idea where I would be, who I would be, or what I would be up to now if we did not meet in third grade. Thank you for being you, thank you for allowing me to be me, thank you for always being there, and thank you for everything that has yet to come.


Melissa Blake said...

This is a beautiful post, Jessi! Makes me miss my BFF! Like you, we met in 3rd grade, and had awesome times together. She moved last year, and I MISS her!!!!

Shelby Gaul said...

Aww!! I love you too Jessi Lea!!! You made me cry of happiness! :) You are truely the best friend anyone could ask for and I am truly proud to say that you are and always will be my best friend. :)

Thank you Jesso!! And will always remember the great times we have had together and I cannot wait for more! :)

I Love You More Than... said...

This is so sweet!!!
Now I miss my BFF!
What an inspiring post!
Hope you have a wonderful week!


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