Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Foto #1

Whoa, can you believe the changes going on here? Melissa has been playing around with my layout, don't forget a new layout and NAME are on the way for my blog!

Something I've been wanting to try out every Friday is share a photo!

Today I've got an embarrassing one... that's me clinging to my car right after I bought it. I've blogged about Felix before -- this was before I painted him! Note the terrifying hair; in high school I was always chopping and dying my hair. I had a different look every month. But wasn't that what high school was all about?

I may cringe at this picture now, but I still love it (LOVE the black nail polish.) I had paid for that car all by myself with my life savings, and having a car meant freedom. Oh, what a happy and awkward sixteen year old with a 1998 Ford Escort. Wagon.

Although I've removed my artwork from my car, I've been thinking about re-doing it! What do you think? What should I paint on my car next?

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