Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Foto #2

Do you remember what you looked like on your first day of high school? I do, and underneath that amazing Kiss t-shirt, all I felt was butterflies.
I was happy to be getting out of middle school which was a terrorizing experience personally, but I was also nervous that high school was going to be the bigger, badder version of the previous three years. I wore my favorite jeans and a Kiss t-shirt (Kiss shirts have always been a staple in my wardrobe; I currently have two new ones that I am constantly rotating through my wardrobe.) The outfit actually helped me feel good on the first day! As for high school? Didn't turn out to be a bust. While there were plenty of not-so-fine moments, I realized what I wanted out of life and what I could do about it, the high school way of course.

As Kiss would say,

My parents think I'm crazy and they hate the things I do
I'm stupid and I'm lazy, man, if they only knew
How flaming youth will set the world on fire
Flaming youth, our flag is flying higher and higher and higher

Haha just kidding.


Deka said...

super t shirt, seriously.)

Jessi Haish said...

YES! Thank ya! ;)

Carlo M.M said...

I like your words! =D
I'm from Brazil. - follow me on twitter - I'm following you.
Huge fan.


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