Monday, May 31, 2010

I've Received an Award :)

Daisy Blue Thin presented my blog with an award the other day... The Music Lover's Award. :) Thank you!
I would personally say the name is fitting. I've never received such an award, but I have some rules I have to follow so here we gooooo...

the rules are:

1. list your ten favorite songs on your iPod.
2. state the color of said ipod.

My ten favorite songs on my iPod? Very difficult, but it would look something like this... (at least today)

1) I Cross My Heart - George Strait
2) All I Ever Wanted - Kelly Clarkson
3) Tuesday's Gone - Lynyrd Skynyrd
4) Take a Chance on Me - ABBA
5) Your Love - The Outfield
6) Cryin - Aerosmith
7) The Party's Over - Willie Nelson
8) Music Again - Adam Lambert
9) If it Makes You Happy - Sheryl Crow
10) She's Callin' it Love - Reba McEntire

Color of iPod: Black!

Now I have a question for you, what song do you have on repeat lately?


Margosoriginals said...

Lately I've been listening to Rabbit Fur Coat by Jenny Lewis. I love her music! Congrats on your award! Love your blog- I found it on the blogs of note!

ChickLitGirl said...

Maps- by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs!

Erica said...

Congrats!! The first on many I'm sure!!

lotsqu said...

Bob Marley - No Woman, No Cry
Can't help it! That song just makes me relax and feel good about everything.
Btw, love that ABBA song!

hello lovely said...

i cannot stop listening to one of my old favorites, "slow dancing in a burning room" by john mayer. i love that song.

and i love your blog! i think we are similar in a lot of ways! i do music monday posts that you might be interested in. here's a link to my blog if you want to check it out! :)

RAY J said...

Funny you listed The Outfield - I've heard the techno version of "Your Love" soooo much that it's become one of my favorites, but it's been ages since I heard the original version until just the other day when we were out and it was on!

How funny!

sunshine said...

you are most welcome for the award ;)

hmm, lately i've had "you and me" by lifehouse on repeat ...though that can get a bit dodgy to over and over as it's a music video.


Miss T said...

Tigerlily - La Roux

Samantha Rill said...

Recently, the two most songs I have oh repeat are:

"Wavin' Flag" by K'Naan (which is one of the best pro-peace songs I have ever heard)

"Where the Streets Have No Name" by U2 (off their great album "Joshua Tree")

Melissa Blake said...

Oh, Jessi...I don't think you want to know.... XD

sophie isabelle said...

Cherry Bomb - The Runaways. :)

Sinny said...

hmm.. I think I have almost driven myself crazy with 'Hollywood' by Angus & Julia Stone and 'Young Love' by Mystery Jets

Luke Cloherty said...

This is a cool idea. I'd say a classic like 'A Day in the Life' by The Beatles or 'Whiter Shade of Pale' by Procol Harum'. iPod is silver btw.

Maybe people should also name their least favourite track, I'd have 'Roll with It' by Oasis, always comes on on shuffle when I'm in the bath and pisses me off. Such a fucking bland track.

Like the Country thing as well, its a much maligned genre over here in the U.K. but I think it's just ignorant to ignore a whole genre, especially one that gave us Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson.


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