Friday, May 14, 2010

My Soap Opera Moment

You know those heat-of-the-moment, soap opera-type maneuvers? A couple engaged in a hostile fight? The woman delivers a dramatic slap to the offending man's face. You know these high-drama actions I'm talking about. You know how exciting they may be, and although they tend to be the same old thing, they always look so... unplanned. And everyone looks shocked afterward.
I don't know about you, but I'm a dramatic person. Not that I necessarily act dramatically (well...), but that I thrive on drama and stress. While I have yet to enjoy an astounding fight that ends with me delivering the perfect slap to the face (is it as loud as on television?) I had one moment in middle school where I came close. Instead, I put the good old Jessi-spin on it. Of course.

It was a regular day in middle school; my science class was having a party to celebrate something or other. We were standing in our regular groups around the classroom, sipping on bitter lemonade and awkwardly looking around. The teacher was making salsa (for some reason) at the front of the room and was in his own little strange world.
I had been sitting next to John* the entire year. I had 'loved' him the year before.. However, I was "dating" (you know, talking to) a fellow sixth grader named Bryan*. And like any middle school girl would, I had his initials written all over my binder and assignment notebook, bordered with hearts. It was a cute few weeks of small talk and ooey gooey eyes.
However, John was less than impressed with my open adoration. He constantly picked on me about the relationship, asking if i "loooooved" Bryan and whatnot. Now, being someone who has been teased about every possible thing since probably my day of birth, I tend to get annoyed very easily. I tend to show this by making a scene.

Normally I'd pout. Or whine. Cry. Be disgusted or just haughtily walk away. But that warm day in that science room, with everyone in divided cliques and honestly having no one to talk to myself, something in my mind clicked.

I waited until John brought it up again. Heck, I may have even encouraged him by reminding him in an offhand way how much I liked Bryan. Either way, I got him back on the teasing me train and I loved it. I waited til the perfect moment, and whipped my lemonade from my plastic cup to the front of John's face and shirt. Oh payback.
The people closest to us gasped, but no one else seemed to notice. Then fear took over me. What if I was sent to the principal's office? That was the only thing I hadn't thought through when I decided to throw my drink at John.

However, John walked away, told the teacher he spilled, and sauntered off to the bathroom to clean himself up. I sat down and grinned, then realized I really, really liked John.

Why did I do it? It just felt good. Like I said before, it was hardly heat-of-the-moment. As he teased me the entire class period, I had been considering it the entire time. Maybe I just wanted a little excitement. Maybe I still have no idea what my motives were. Now, it's a funny story. I still, to this day, overreact to teasing; but doesn't it just feel plain good to have your own soap opera moments every once in a while?

*Names have been changed.


AtaArticles said...

I think most people feel vindictive during some situations throughout their lives. There have been times where i regret not taking action be it verbally or the opposite when someone laughs or makes fun(especially when it is a complete stranger). I realise turning a blind eye leads to inner anger and frustation. When it's payback, i feel better. Still, in some situations it is better to ignore as the consequences could be worse.

V said...

uh... i will be following you. ive never read a blog like yours and frankly its fantastic... just thought id tell u. i also wana say that i love love love love your header. unique


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