Monday, May 24, 2010

Sneak Peek: The Soundtrack of My Life

Ahh, I'm nearing nineteen-and-a-half next month.

I feel so old! I have decided that after nearly twenty years of my existence on this planet, I had better get started on piecing together the Soundtrack of My Life. Now, being so young this play list is not very long, but my adoration of music and memories isn't going to stop me. Besides, I can rest assured this list will grow over the next many years. So, here are the songs that have been there during moments of my young (or old?) life. I know we can't always pick the best...
Songs of Choice to Sing as a Small Child:
"Magic Man" by Heart
"Jesse" by Carly Simon (I thought she was singing to ME!)

Song that Defined My Elementary School Friendships:

"Wannabe" by the Spice Girls

Song that Forever Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations in Men:
"Check Yes or No" by George Strait

Song my Friends and I Tried Out With at the Talent Show [we were cut :( ]:
"Move it Like This" Baha Men

First (almost!) Slow Dance (we chickened out) in the 6th grade:
"Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera

First (real!) Slow Dance:
"Every Time We Touch" by Cascada (the slow version!)

Slow Dance that Caused Me to Listen to this Song on Repeat For a Week:
"Only God Knows Why" by Kid Rock

First Kiss:
NO song was playing! (His radio was broken. This should have been a sign...)

First Song I Used to Dream about Slow Dancing to:
"Angel" by Aerosmith

First Song That Made Me Bawl Like a Baby:
"Tell Lorrie I Love Her" by Keith Whitley

First Song that a Guy Truly Ruined:
"You Don't Know How it Feels" by Tom Petty

First Kiss That I Wish Was My First Kiss:
"Crazy" by Aerosmith (my favorite band!)

What songs are included on the Soundtrack to Your Life? What stories do these songs tell?


Christy said...

Hi! I love your blog and I love that you did this! I'm definitely going to have to work on my own!

I Love You More Than... said...

You are my idol!
These is an incredible list!
I think I'll have to complete later.
Thanks for the idea.

Jessi Haish said...

Aww thanks! I can't wait to see both of your lists!

Angie said...

Love your choices! Congrats on Blog of Note!

Simba said...

Hey. I just joined blogger. So far, your blog has been very interesting. Great work! :)

If you'd like, you can visit my blog:


Melissa Blake said...

CONGRATS, Jessi :)

CountessLaurie said...

Great songs! Great blog. Congrats on Blog of Note!!

Agnes said...

19 1/2 = old? LOL Jessi :-D

Jessi Haish said...

Thanks everyone! :) You've made my day!

Heavenly Hellion said...

Oooo, this is fun. My first slow dance was in 7th grade (he was in 8th) with a guy who is now "out." We danced to "Every Rose has its Thorn" while my girlfriend kept trying to slide my date's hand down to my butt! Ah, memories. . .

coors cowgirl 21 said...

i found you on blogs of note and really love your blog...what a great idea for a post...i looooove music so im gonna have to work on for my own blog(hope you dont mind)

ps= you just gained a follower :)

Lydia said...

You have an eclectic taste in music! You might really enjoy the blog of my 16-year-old follower, Kristin who also has a diverse playlist at her blog. :)

Siri Vivienne Marie Khalsa Maglana said...

You will know soon... *wink*

Jessi Haish said...

I can't wait to see everyone's Soundtracks! :)

Erica said... are mine (will show my age)

First time I thought I'd marry a guy in a boy band: (joey was my fav)
"Please Don't go girl "NKOTB

First time I was alone at college, scared in my dorm room, realizing I was on my own:
"Runaround" Blues Traveler (My suitemate was blasting it)

First time I realized I loved my boyfriend:
"Tonight, tonight" Smashing Pumpkins

First time I danced on stage and felt butterflies
"Troy" Sinead O'Connor (came on right before I did)

First time I wanted to vote but had to wait:
"Don't stop thinking about tomoroow" Fleetwood Mac

This list can go on forever!! Great idea!

Brooklyn Book Lover said...

I have SO MANY songs that I would like to list. But I will start with:
First dance with my husband on our wedding day: "For The First Time" by Kenny Loggins.

Thanks for letting me share.

Henna said...

hey your blog's there on blogs of note..well i'm new to blogging and i guess its a great thing to be featured there.. so hey congrats!! this soundtrack-of-my-life idea sounds totally cool..! great work! i'm soon gonna come up with my own version with Indian Bollywood music! do check out two blogs ive written till now:

FL Diver said...

Your idea sounds like fun. I'll have to think about a list like this.
I can think of one song that can pretty much sum up my teen years, though it was released at the end of them, Kickstart My Heart by Motley Crue. It pretty much describes my energetic life (not drugs) from high school in Southern California.


i love this blog as well. now you have me thinking about my soundtrack list...when i figure it out you should check it out

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