Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Today is my first day of summer and I spent it with my lovely campus newspaper (which I am now Editor-in-Chief of!) adviser Melissa. Over a LONG lunch we discussed blogging, writing, and high school horror stories. While chatting, we came up with a lot of new, exciting ideas for The Girl With the Kaleidoscope Eyes. So, over the next few weeks prepare to be blown away with exciting, dramatic posts, a different template, and even a NEW name! This is great stuff, folks! Hold on to your hats! :)

P.S. This weekend is my first prom with my boyfriend Chris, and I plan to give you guys a fantastic update. And yes folks, I did find the PERFECT prom dress. Expect a blog post with pics.

P.P.S. I want to say hello to my new followers as well, and THANK YOU! Although my blog will be undergoing an overhaul, expect bigger, better things. And more of those juicy stories I've been keeping in the vault. Mwaha.

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Melissa Blake said...

Yayyy, can't wait!! Had a great time today. I shall begin looking for photos for your blog!


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