Monday, June 07, 2010

Blogger Fail? Nooooo

So here I was, all set to write up a post after a weekend of busy brainstorming and I try to log in and Blogger is basically telling me it's not going to happen. I thought I'd try to text this to the blog to see if I could let you guys know - no worries, as soon as Blogger is up again I'll be posting! Til then, have a great day! -Jess

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Cortney said...

Really? Cause Blogger is working fine for me. Weird. Well I hope it starts working again soon for you. (:

Chrissy said...

hey another friend is having issues...

Insomniac said...

All is well up here in Canada, blogger is working just fine!

RAY J said...

I had that problem last night, as did a few Blogger friends on Twitter - I typed my post up in Word though and will be posting it up soon... I was all set to post it last night though...

I could login, but I couldn't comment or make a new post.

Oh hey Jessi, I'm doing another giveaway - a Fun in the Sun beauty and skincare set - thought you might be interested as it's got some fun goodies in it!


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