Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm Going Places?!

Rachel at Point Me to the Sky Above (one of my favorite blogs) recently surprised me with the "You're Going Places" Award!!! I had to post about it :) The only rules for this award are to pass on the award and describe where I see myself ten years from now.

This is tricky. Ten years from now, I'll be almost thirty; it's kind of a strange concept to wrap my head around. I have to imagine that I'd be out of college and hopefully into a great career. Since I don't have any specific plans beyond the next year of my life, I'll just have to fabricate this and see where we end up.

I'll be almost thirty; maybe I'll be married by then. Maybe if I haven't scared anyone off. I'd be done with school hopefully and be working my way into my job; a job that I have no idea what it is. In a perfect world, I'd be done with school, settled down and in a great career in my office at some sort of publication, preferably a magazine, but with times like these I know there's no room to be picky. However, I'd love to say that I had written for some of my favorite magazines; maybe an interview with Steven Tyler for Rolling Stone or a love story for Glamour, or young, fun pieces at Seventeen. Oh, a girl can dream.

I'd like to say I'd be in the city; I've always dreamed of taking up residence in Chicago or The Big Apple, but what if life takes me somewhere else? What if I end up staying here in my small-town and writing for the local paper? It's so hard to determine where I'll be at thirty years old. But wherever I may be, and whoever I may be with, I'd just really like to be happy.

I am passing this award to people who I think are going places, so tell me where you're going to be in a decade!


Molly said...

Ahhh! How cool! :) What a fun post!!!!!

Sunny Insomniac said...


Dude, seriously, thank you so much for the award. This is even better than getting the "Most Likely to Succeed" award in my senior yearbook.

Okay, so that was really cheesy, but I meant it with all the sincerety of a Scorsese film.

I really have missed reading your posts. Early today, before I left for lunch with the hubby and kiddos, I read through all your posts that I had missed. I loved the one about your grandfather and his car racing. It really read like a professional piece--all your research, your insight into how he felt about certain events, it was a real window into the past and his life. Great stuff. The Anachronism blog hit close to home as well, but for different reasons than you might expect, and with a different personal hesitance. I can't imagine being a woman in any other time or place than right now in the US of A. Scary thought to me.

Loved the catch up and thank you so much for the award. I'm going to proudly display it. I'll do the ten years from now thing too, but as I'll be 36......

Yeah, we'll stop right there. ;)

Write on.

~Sunny Insomniac

Loved the poetry too. Poems are rarely appreciated. Keep writing them, though. It gives you an opportunity to write within certain constraints that would never exist otherwise.

Erica said...

Cool, I hope you pick NYC! You'd love it! :)

Deidra said...

Ahhhhh! THANK YOU!! This is my first blog award! And congratulations to all the other winners as well. :)

I'm with you on this one: I really don't know what my life is going to hold ten years from now, and happiness is pretty much all I hope for.

Ashton King said...

Thanks for the sweet comment over my way and for the awesome award. I just finished writing my musings about my future endeavors.

Don't give up on your dreams of working for a magazine some day, just don't get discouraged if you have to take a few detours to make it there. Times are tough for the print industry, and although newspapers are taking the brunt of it, magazines aren't above the financial crunch. And even though I've inexplicably found myself on the other side of the journalism spectrum, something I never dreamed possible, I still harbor my dream of writing for a magazine(s) one day!


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