Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Interview With:Queen of the Middle School

To honor my journalism passion, I have decided to talk with someone different every week and post the interview each Tuesday. It may be my best friend, a teacher, or someone I've just met in life...whoever it may be I find them interesting and someone you should "know." I hope you like the "Interview With:" series!

Last night I interviewed someone I thought I knew almost everything about. That is, until we started talking about the relationships she has with other people her age. I talked to my only sister Lilly about life, love and middle school drama. She's 13 years old, so while times have changed, middle school seems to have remained the same!
What's the deal with middle school girls?
I just wish they weren't so annoying. Like, when they think they're good singers in the locker room and they actually suck. I guess some girls just think they're something they're not.
I also think some girls just get jealous of each other. Like, "she's going out with him and I like him so I hate her."
Also, a lot of girls are always saying things like "I'm ugly" or "I look horrible today." I think they have self-esteen issues and probably do it for the attention.

So is it hard to make friends?
No, it's not really. But sometimes it is hard to keep them. There are girls you don't like that try to take your friends away. Also, there's this weird 'stereotype' that guys and girls can't be friends. I don't get that. How can they not be friends?
What's the best part of middle school?
Seeing my friends. If my friends weren't at school I wouldn't go.
What's the worst part of middle school?
Sometimes it feels like there's too much to do at once. Also, girls that are mean for no reason at all; they talk about people behind their backs. They just aren't nice people.
You're going to start eighth grade in the fall. What's the "dating" scene like right now? Do people have boyfriends and girlfriends?
Yes, but they aren't serious. They just 'date' and then break up a day later.
A day later?
Okay, maybe like a week later.
Is it cool to have a boyfriend or girlfriend?
I don't think it's cool, but other people my age might think so.
Describe what you would consider to be the perfect boyfriend.
Funny, good-looking *laughs*, and nice. Like, he does nice, cute little things for you.
Do you believe that there is true love? Like in the movies?
Yes I do. I don't know why, but I do.
What's a good couple, movies, tv, anywhere, that you consider to be a good role model?
The two people in the movie Leap Year. They didn't even know each other but they were so comfortable with each other.
I have to ask. What is the DEAL with Justin Bieber?
I don't know why people love him, but he needs to hit puberty. *Laughs* No seriously. He does.
You listen to him!
I think people like him cause he sings love songs. Even though he doesn't know about it cause he's like 12.
So how old do you have to be before you know?
Maybe when he's much older.
Taylor Swift sings about love. She's not extremely older than he is.
I think she's old enough. Plus, she actually writes her own songs. I'm not sure, but I don't think Justin Bieber does.
Anything else?
I think you should have a blog called The Random Thoughts of Lilly Haish. Doooooo it.


JCx said...

Aw thats cute!

Chrissy said...

Middle school is so hard not just for girls but boys too... And yes, there are mean girls.. which may grow into mean
Your sister is one smart cookie- takes after her older sis...
And yes, she should have her own page!.

MK said...

Aw! Your sister is so cute! And she sounds awfully mature for her age...'I don't think it's cool, but other people my age might think so.' I love your blog more and more each day! :)

Maryam Khan.

Melissa Blake said...

I love the idea of an interview series!! Your sister sounds like a mini-Jessi! :)

Deidra said...

Wow! For a middle schooler, she is very wise beyond her years. Fascinating interview!

Deidra said...

Wow! For a middle schooler, she is very wise beyond her years. Fascinating interview!

J.N.R. Dutton said...

Betting you two had fun with this. Looking forward to the rest of the series.


Cortney said...

This was so adorable. :D I like this new idea you have come up with. (:

Levonne said...

Love your idea of "honoring your journalism side" by interviewing and reporting. Funtastic! I love that mirror image photo. Really great.

quehacessuzzy said...

Shes a smart cutie pie!
Great post :)


The Words Crafter said...

How cool that you interviewed your sister! She sounds like she's got a pretty level head, like her older sister....I like the interview idea; it's a keeper!

Kara said...

I always said the same thing about middle school relationships. But i knew one girl who got a Tiffany's bracelet out of it so maybe I was missing out lol!

Insomniac said...


Im having a sense of deja vu, my sister is also in the seventh grade and when she talks it is exactly like that, (except she loves Justin Beiber) lol, that was a completely cute and lovely interview!

Henna said...

Haha! It was fun reading this one! And the entire idea of weekly interviews rocks.!Can't wait to read more.!

Erica said...

cute, she's funny. i like the bieber comment

V said...

i love i love !!!!! ive been waiting for SO long for this journalistic interviews. jumps up and down me next me next!!!!!

Jessi Haish said...

Haha thanks everyone! :) It was a lot of fun

Lillyannnn said...

lilly says thank-you too :]

Lillyannnn said...

lilly says thank-you too :]

Teresa said...

In going back through some old posts I found this-can't believe I missed it! I bet this was a fun interview for both of you.
And, your fellow blogers are right, you are both amazing girls!


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