Thursday, July 08, 2010


That moment, we reached a point that I'd been waiting for all along.

I was scared, but I think it was what we both needed.

In that moment, I reached a point that I'd been waiting for you all along.

In that split second, everything changed.

Nothing could, and nothing will, ever be the same again.

But I was seeing something different; I was seeing something that I didn't know existed.

Or something that I never thought would reveal.

In that moment, I realized I had never met such an immense soul.

I had found the strongest, most perfect soul I'd ever known.

In that moment of vulnerability, I realized there was no turning back now.

But in that moment is where I am content to stay.

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Twilight Expressions said...

Oh! it was good. It took me away with the flow. But I could have been a bit more explicable. Still Good one.

keep writing :)

Levonne said...

We are both having a poetic day! The Camp Host Housewife

♥ T said...

I'm sure you get this ALL the time but you are a great writer. I loved this piece.

claire said...

wow. a piece with a lot of emotions. it struck me so hard.


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