Monday, July 12, 2010

Current Obsession: Scott Pilgrim

Michael Cera + Music + Romance + ....comic books?
I have a new obsession. Scott Pilgrim. I first saw the trailer for the new movie a few months ago and simply thought it was the most fantastic trailer I had ever seen. That and the fact that Michael Cera stars in the movie....I mean, he is one of my greatest loves in life. I was instantly hooked.

So hooked in fact, that I bought the first volume of the comic book. I have that much devotion put into this movie.

I've never read an entire comic book like this; my exploration into comic books is simply Archie & Friends and Josie & The Pussycats back in the day.

However, I read Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life in about two hours.


Are you a comic book junkie? I wouldn't call myself one, but I can't wait to get my hands on the other volumes....and to see the movie.

Check out the trailer if you haven't already!


RAY J said...

I read the first 2 back to back (they were the only 2 out in the series at the time) and thought they were pretty good!

If you want to read more comics, as Jeff - I know him, Clif and Silvius used to swap em all the time - I used to read the ones they left in the office after close when there was nothing to do bur wait around : -)

I like the ones that Alex Ross illustrates as I love his technique, even if the story is just so-so, lol...

If you saw/liked the movie Wanted I'd recommend reading the comic - it was SO much better than the movie, the movie disappointed me...

Keda said...

It looks great. And thanks for the recommendation on the comic. Looking forward to watching or reading the story, whichever I happen to get time for.

Cindy Jasmine said...

I'm not a comic book person, nor a Michael Cera person. The only role I ever saw him in was Juno- my all time favorite movie. Anyway, I've never read a comic book nor been in a comic book store :) no I didn't live in a box growing up haha but IDK I guess I'm a little different. There is actually a comic book store down the street in the town we just moved into. I gasped because I never saw one and It looks way too cool :) I'm hoping to go explore sometime soon.

Jenny said...

LOOOOVE Scott Pilgrim. I'm a comic nut, I mostly read Dark Horse or Vertigo, so I was skeptical towards it at first.

I borrowed the first three form one of my friends and bought the rest. Its a really amazing series. I'm looking fowards to the movie. I just hope Michael Cera mans up enough to play the part correctly. Scott isn't some weak teenage boy, the kind that Cera is use to playing. He's a fast talking, action packed awesome dude!

If there is anything I've learned from watching movies like Watchmen and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, its that the comic is always better than the movie. So I'm interested to see if the Scott Pilgrim movie can destroy the stereotype of comic book movies being horrible. The trailer looks great so I have high hopes. =]

Comic recommendations: Chew, The Goon,Hellboy...and many more I can't think of.

Jaja Oquinena said...

i used to be a comic book junkie... back when i was still in high school. And that was a long time ago. A time when Archie and Friends comics were still hot. Sad days turned to fun days each time i turn a page...


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