Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Honestly....My Confessions

Honestly...I think the Beatles and Elvis Presley are completely overrated and would much rather do without them. They are of no use to me.

Honestly...I have no religion and never care to do so or try so. I like the life I am currently living and don't need anything else.

Honestly...I'm ready for the next big step, but I have no idea what that is.

Honestly...I can be impulsive, bitter, jealous and downright mean.

Honestly...maybe being an editor would be the perfect job for me. I love to point out and correct people's mistakes. Openly.

Honestly...most of the time I'm not sorry when I do so.

Honestly...I come off as a very self-centered, confident person, but I have very little belief in myself so I come across as unmotivated.

Honestly...I don't lie, but sometimes like to alter things slightly. As I see fit.

Honestly...I thought romance and love was for suckers.

Honestly...I was so wrong.

Honestly...there's the pit in the back of my stomach that keeps telling me it's going to be impossible to find a job after college.

Honestly...I call my negativity being 'realistic.'

Honestly...I've found I have to make a lot of mistakes, get my heart ripped to shreds and be completely humiliated in some sense before I can learn anything. I think it's really the humility.


Dan said...

Honestly, ur confessions rock!

Deidra said...

Doing something like this helps those of us who only know you in the blogosphere feel like we really, actually know you. Without knowing faults we can't see all sides of a person. Thanks for sharing!

UjSen said...


but yeah to me they're not completely useless.

and the pit in the back of your stomach...I guess that's with everyone..

I don't believe you're mean. Bitter and jealous maybe....but you don't come off as the mean least on your blog!



Jen said...

Very, very honest.
I rather enjoyed this post.

Ashton King said...

The print job market is pretty bleak right now... but don't be discouraged. There are a lot of "editor" jobs out there that don't necessarily go by that title. Mine, for instance - producer.

Being honest with yourself is a crucial step in achieving your dreams.

Erica said...

no Beatles? say it ain't so! lol

But I adore your honesty, it's refreshing and pretty awesome.

Ali said...

SO SO true

Linz said...

it's a good day to be honest. :)

Molly Mac said...

I really admire your blog :) it's so honest and inspiring. I've linked to you on mine and would appreciate it if you could take a look xx

♥ T said...

"Honestly...I don't lie, but sometimes like to alter things slightly. As I see fit."

Lol! That's so funny :D Don't we all, haha!

Rutali D Mulye said...

Absolutely adore your blogs!

Keda said...

great, for you that is. Not many people can be this honest about or too themselves. I think it is very commendable.

V said...

HONESTLY i agree with The Beatles and Elvis thing!! SERIOUSLY ENOUGH OF THEM NOW!!

Honestly, I used to say the same about religion. If and when you're ready, a belief will find you. Don't rush and FLIPPEN GOOD that you like the life you're living without being succumbed to the pressures out there! Not many people can say that!

Honestly DON'T listen to that pit telling you it'll be impossible to get a job, thats the disbelief in yourself. YOU WILL FIND A JOB DAMMIT!! YOU CAN DO IT

and HONESTLY, i agree with your last honest fact - its the truth!!

NOW THATS what I think!!


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