Sunday, July 11, 2010

Late Night Thought: Looking Forward

I haven't been posting frequently, and I'm sincerely sorry. Between classes, work and just plain ol' life, I haven't had much time to do what I usually spend my time doing: contemplating.

It's a tricky thing, really.

I notice that in my blog posts and in my life, I do a lot of stepping out of the picture and reflecting upon things that have already happened: events that have occurred in my life, and I now spend time reviewing what I did and what I learned.

Lately, that hasn't been the case.

It's been a few weeks since I really reflected on the past; I can't think of the last time I actually contemplated things that have already happened. Whether it's the easy-breezy mood of summer or just the fact that I'm learning to let go...I'm not sure.

Maybe it's a good thing.

It's strange; it feels different. It's like I'm growing up (mentally) and moving on. It's like for the first time, everything that went down before (good and bad) doesn't matter so much.

That's because lately all I've been able to focus on is this future.

I like where things are right now, and maybe that's why I've been dwelling so much on how I can keep things on this route. I am honestly so damn happy where I'm at. And maybe that's why for the first time in my life the past doesn't mean anything to me. I'm over it, I've learned from it, now I'm grasping and reaching for whatever the future holds.

I may not have any idea what that is just yet, but I'm here with open hands, ready to get my fill.

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Sarah Certa said...

I can relate, and gosh, what a great a great feeling to realize you're no longer holding on to the past. :)

Anonymous said...

It's like the typicall american attidtude....

Just looking forward and never take a step backwards ^^

Keda said...

it's a wonderful space to be in. When you let go of the past, you open so much more space in your life for other good things to come your way.

Erica said...

If more of us focused on the future instead of the past, we'd all be a lot happier and more well adjusted people.

A lot of people (myself included) focus on the past because it's more concrete than the future. It must be human nature.

Sara said...

It is part of life's growth and metamorphosis, and it is wonderful. You are experiencing things you have never seen, heard, or been exposed to before and it is EXCITING- just like your future.

The more you live, the more you learn, the more clarity you have.

It isn't always a smooth road, but the journey is always worth it. You begin to be able to apply those lessons previously learned, and then with your new experiences and knowledge, you can see things in the future in their truest form- reality.

@ Anyonymous- Though by and large, that may be the mentality of most Americans, and yes seemingly the "American Way", I think that your application of the concept to Jessi's blog is reaching. She is a young woman with a bright, exciting future before her, why wouldn't she be looking ahead and forward?!

As was said by a band that she and I share as one of our favs, Life's a journey, not a destination. ~ Aerosmith


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