Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I'm sitting here literally staring at a little Magic 8 ball. Wouldn't life be so much easier if I carried this little thing in my pocket and referred to it during various moments of the day?

Should I stop by McDonald's again?

Should I stop being so stubborn?

Life would be so much easier if I could just refer to the little Magic 8 ball. But what about the life-changers? The questions that could alter everything depending on your response? What if the little Magic 8 ball could tell you exactly what you needed to hear? What if it really knew the answers?

My questions for the Magic 8 ball would be
Will I find the dream journalism job after college?
Will I be successful AND happy?
Am I doing (insert anything here) the right way?

And many other questions I can't possibly answer myself.

If you had a special Magic 8 ball in your pocket, what big question would YOU ask?


♥ T said...
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♥ T said...

This post was very thought provoking. I don't have one big question that I would ask but rather, many little ones. Of course, it's all wishful thinking. As much as I would love a magic 8 ball to answer my most pressing questions and help me make my biggest life decisions, I really don't think I'd follow through if it magically (somehow) became possible. It's what makes life interesting - the unexpectedness of it all.

sophie isabelle said...

hmm. i believe mine would be (i'm leaving out details on purpose, apologies) - will i just go for it?

yes yes. i'm not a confident person so 'going for it' is a big deal. :)

Linz said...

of course, mine would be: "should i do it?"

but to be honest, i'd be afraid of the answer.


toni said...

Ooh, the success question is a big one. I'd probably ask that!

Melissa Blake said...

I loooove that magic 8 ball! We must ask it a lot of questions this year!!

Chusnul Khairuddin said...

my first question is exactly same as your first one. my second, umh, let me think a second .. maybe, will I meet a prince charming riding his white horse? *daydreaming*

ThaliaGrace said...

Sometimes I wonder... If you really did have something that was totally right all the time about telling the future[which there isn't], would you really want to know? I mean, if you knew your future, wouldn't you want to change some things? Example: Would you want to know that you're going to die in a car accident at age 29? Would you stop driving cars to prevent it?

claire said...

Did I choose the right path for me?


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