Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Open Letter Suggestions

Hey guys...

It's pretty obvious that my favorite subject to write on would be my Open Letters series. I love it so much in fact, that I'm here to ask for your help. I need more subjects to write them to, and I need help with my next one!! Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!!

1) My next open letter is going to be addressed to all the back-to-schoolers going to school this fall. Kindergarten or college, this is going to be something for everyone. That being said, what is one piece of advice you think should be included in a back to school letter?

2) Who should some of my subjects be for my next Open Letters?


3) Any other thoughts/ideas you have for the series?

Please let me know!! I'd love your feedback on my Open Letters series :)



Zoe G. said...

An open letter to your future daughter(s).

Hannah E. said...

I was thinking about this while driving today, and I thought about an Open Letter to my car. Weird, huh? But it has definite possibilities.


Hannah E. said...
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Jessi Haish said...

I should write a letter to my car! Great idea :)

Melissa Blake said...

Oh yes! You're car is great! I loved that picture you posted of your car a few months ago!! :)

Melissa Blake said...
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Rodney said...

You love newspapers and journalism, how about an open letter to your favorite editor?

Other ideas:
Open letter to...

your future husband??

your favorite actor??

your favorite author??

your favorite journalist??

your future blog followers??

your future children?? (I know someone posted daughters, but you might have a son too. So one letter to cover both possibilities.)

Jessi Haish said...

Thanks for the ideas, these are great!!

Hannah E. said...

Open letters to various seasons.
addictions you've conquered, a song that you couldn't get over, the Disney movie you still watch.

...clearly, my brain is a little different then te people above. (:


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