Wednesday, August 04, 2010

An Open Letter to My Hometown

Dear Cornfields, U.S.A.,

You have provided me a location. You have set the stage for my 'play' - - my life. You have always been here, hardly changing. I would know; I've been here twenty years. As familiar as I am with you, and as well as I think I know you, you are going to be the death of me.

Everything has happened here. Everything. After living here so long, it's nearly impossible to go somewhere without being reminded of something. A memory here, a moment there. It's truly bittersweet. As well as I know you, I want to forget you, but I know that's impossible.

I just recently made the decision to transfer to the local university after one more year at my community college. That means I'm going to be here a lot longer than I originally thought- - err, dreamed. I fantasized on escaping you -- going to a different town, making new memories, traveling different roads and finding new locations. But I'll still be here. It may be the decision that drives me mad, but you have the resources I need here. It's just the only decision that makes sense at this point in time.

It's time to grow up. Both of us. I mean it. When I walk past that spot or stroll through that place, I need to let go of different things. If I'm going to stay here even longer, there needs to be room to grow. I need space to breathe and room to stretch. I need the chance to live out my life and make different memories. It's time to let go of the past twenty years. I can't be here for the remainder of the time and keep reminiscing. I need to continue to look forward in order to pave any new paths.

So get ready, Cornfields. I suppose I truly haven't touched every inch; explored every branch. I'm going to be here a little bit longer, so we should probably start getting along. Time to let go and keep living through my next chapter: same setting, different script.


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MK said...

How beautiful and nostalgic :) I hope you manage to make many more wonderful memories in the coming year to take away with you to college.

Jen said...

Looking forward to the next chapter :)

claire said...

I bet the next chapter would be exciting. :)

Tobuoi said...

Do you get to travel often? If not, you could always make it a goal to go somewhere crazy for a while like Europe. That sort of thing really adds a dimension to your life.


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