Tuesday, September 21, 2010

always you.

Sometimes I used to wonder what would have happened if all the circumstances had been different. If all the circumstances had been perfect. Well, if the circumstances had existed at all.

The thing is, I'll never know what could have happened. The what-if's and different possibilities used to drive me absolutely insane. I have the notebooks to prove it.

Yet, one day I stopped. I stopped caring, I stopped trying to try. I stopped imagining and torturing myself with the different ideas. And then one day it wasn't always you.

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slynnard said...

This really speaks to me right now. It's always nice to find someone who can put into words what thoughts and feelings I can't.

Erica said...

If that doesn't describe lost love perfectly, I don't know what does.

Alpha Za said...

I love it, makes me feel.

Chezzy Dezzy said...

Oh gosh, it's the same with me at times!


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