Tuesday, September 14, 2010

From the Brain and Keyboard of the Wannabe Star

Whether I'm blogging, twittering, or scribbling poems in the margins of my class notes, I randomly become inspired with different sets of words. Thanks to technology, I have all of these outlets to express my words through. One outlet I hadn't really considered before is my Facebook. Much like my tweets on Twitter, occasionally my Facebook statuses are something poignant (at least to me.) Sometimes these updates inspire entire blog posts! I did the scrolling research for you, here's a few 'deep' updates from the profile of Jessi Haish. :-) 
days like today are the reason i want to be a journalist. i love the newspaper, the staff, the work AND the final product. I ♥ the Kaleidoscope :)

loves surprise visits from the most wonderful boy in the world :) good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.

writing letters and making mix CDs greatly improves life. ♥

so I feel like my brain has exploded from so much thinking and yet...I'm strangely content. Hmm. Whatever works :)

jamming to all-Disney soundtracks and doing homework. I know how to live it up Saturday nights ♥

lately i've been working extra hard to be the most awesome person i can.

sometimes you have to feel threatened just enough to slow down and take a look as to how lucky you actually are.

my grandmother and i are the reigning queen and princess of clearance shopping. ♥

UNO is the most addicting game ever.

busiest summer of my life. but looking back on everything that's been accomplished, i'd call it a great one. 

i think that if certain people got their priorities straight, the world would be so much better off.

being the "nerdy newspaper girl" is becoming a lot cooler and cooler everyday...♥

‎'writing well is the best revenge.' love it. so true.

is determined to be the next Miranda Priestly.

the older i get, the more mellow my musical tongue becomes.

being called "ma'am" makes me absolutely cringe. i am not that old.

i like how Facebook's "people you may know" box is suggesting half the people i graduated with.....there's a reason they aren't my friends, facebook. just stop the nonsense :P

just found my pleather pants a huh..

i think this may be the first time in my life i've had absolutely nothing to say about anything. .........

I am the girl who sleeps with a notebook and pen under her pillow. Fear me.

hates feeling less than adequate.

jamming on Journey all day = WIN.

i may be the 'book smarts' type, but i've definitely come to terms with the fact that i truly don't know a damn thing. cest la vie.

All things considered, I think I came out a pretty sane, happy girl. :D haha.

must...write...something...angsty........after work.
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Deidra said...

The next Miranda Priestly? Haha, that's a scary thought. Just don't start making lives miserable on the newspaper staff!

Kaely said...

"I am the girl who sleeps with a notebook and pen under her pillow. Fear me."

This made me giggle



Erica said...

Wait a second, young people still write letters and make mix CD's?
YES!!!! If mean I'll even confess to owning a Walkman and hearing mix tapes. Mix tapes...the ultimate proof that somebody liked you.

I like technology and use it everyday, but I remember passing notes in class, writing poems on napkins, getting letters in the mail from my boyfriend, all that good handwritten stuff. When you wrote something down, you had to think, really think, of the perfect words!

claire said...

"I think that if certain people got their priorities straight, the world would be so much better off."

True enough. :)

Molly said...

*LOVE BUTTON* lol. I really liked this post, but it could have something to do with the fact that I am addicted to facebook. Fellow facebookers unite! :P Great job; keep up the good work, as always!

Jennifer Louise said...

Hahahahah love it Jessi!

Jennifer Louise said...

Here's some of mine:

JLM: is perfecting the subtle art of wironing.

Did mummy have some wine before she called Elmo?! (+20 points if you get the reference!)

JLM: Is in some strange kind of hell. One where Miles Franklin books keep spontaneously appearing in my room.

My bedroom furniture seems to randomly rearrange itself so it can stab me at inopportune moments.

JLM: Is being stalked by midgets (children).

There seems to be an excessive amount of cake in my house. That can be fixed.

Of my many skills, one of them is turning ham into delicious, black bacon.

My name backwards is refinnej. 'Revenge' is close enough.

Okay, this was more for my amusement than yours :P


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