Wednesday, September 29, 2010

honesty, etc.

I can't stop thinking about honesty.
The fact that I hate liars.
I always tell the truth, no matter who it hurts.

Why are so many people terrified of honesty, and the people who deliver it? 

I don't want to brag (not that many find it admirable) but I'm a walking open book. You ask me something, you're going to get the answer.

I honestly (no pun intended) can't imagine life any other way. 

And what happened to the importance of honesty in this world? In or out of the newsroom, in relationships, with yourself. Am I the only one who thinks honesty must conquer all? I can't stress it enough: I'd rather be have the wind knocked out of me by the truth than stabbed in the back by lies. 

Maybe that's just me. 

But if you're going to ask me something, you can't expect me to make up a white lie or even try to sugar coat it for ya. Life is too short for that, and I've got movin' on to do. Maybe that's why I'm the way I am.

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Deidra said...

I aim for something like that too. I'm just careful about what truths I keep to myself sometimes...things can get interesting if you don't have a filter...

Scrubs dvd said...


violet strattenfield said...

I like honesty. Seriously, truth is the most important thing for me in the world. I have never doubted that, and I absolutely loathe liars too. I wonder why people lie when they just dig themselves deeper into the hole.

And here's something:
" 'I don't want to hurt their feelings.' A lot of times, people use the excuse that they don't want to hurt another person's feelings. This is always a lie. If you ever catch yourself thinking this, what's really happening is that you're protecting yourself from your own feelings. You're avoiding what you will feel when they get upset. It is the coward's way out, and it simply delays having all your cards on the table."

I remember holding this principle since young. In Enid Blyton's 'Famous Five', George said that only cowards lie, and she's not a coward.
I believe in that.


V said...

i feel the SAME And basically am the same, heck I've been told I'm TOO honest


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