Monday, September 13, 2010

Newspaper Love.

I know that my blog posts lately have been few and far between...but it's all with good reason. Most of my time and energy has gone to the Kaleidoscope, my campus newspaper! As editor-in-chief, I find myself almost living in the Kaleidoscope office, yet I wouldn't have it any other way. The first issue of fourteen arrived on campus today and I'm really ecstatic. With a great staff and tons of commitment, it's really beyond everything I could have hoped for. Days like today are the reason that I am persistent in being a journalist: great people to work with, stories to tell, and an outlet to do so in. I can't wait for the many more issues of the newspaper that we have yet to begin. Here's to a great year!
Jessi Haish


Samantha Rill said...

Congrats! I too am on my college newspaper, but nowhere near Editor-in-Chief! Good luck!!

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Melissa Blake said...

Way to go, Chief!!!

Deidra said...

Butts are in desks, not seats? haha :) Congratulations on the first of many successful editions of your campus newspaper!


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