Tuesday, September 07, 2010

An Open Letter to My Alter Ego

Hey. So here I am, writing an open letter to you, even though no one really knows of your existence. Someone may have noticed a glimpse of it along the way, but did anyone ever really know you were there? Probably not. Well, I'm here to unveil it- - well, you.

You are my secret weapon, after all.

You come out when I need you the most. When I want to put up a wall, when I want to be sure of myself. You also come out when the skinny jeans and Converses come out. Or when Joan Jett starts playing on the radio. When Joan Jett starts, it almost feels like I have an avalanche in my chest. It's that alter ego. You're my alter ego. You're the person I 'become' or rather feel like I am when I get into this zone. And honestly, you transform me.

Whether you're getting me through a pickle, or just boosting me with a dose of confidence, it's great. I'm channeling some sort of inner rock star/Joan Jett/badass. It's fantastic. It's something I could never be in real life, so when you, the desire to be that, shines's utterly magnificent.

So thank you, Jessi's Alter Ego. So next time you see me with a swagger in my step, skinny jeans up to there and my favorite band can safely bet that I'm gone.



Zoe said...

those are always fun...alter egos. Sometimes I feel when I write that the girl/whoever I'm writing about is someone that's part of who I am, who I'm not, who I want to be, who I might be later on. Check it out?!

Jen said...

Hahahahaha...I have a little bit of that alter ego in me myself!

Jen said...

As I'm writing this, Old Time Rock and Roll is playing.. ^^

UjSen said...

This is something very similar to what I wrote a while back. I love stuff like this. :)


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